Prevention of children's fears and children, mother and dog


In my long-lasting psychological practice often enough there are cases fears. And not only children or teenagers but also in adults. And, as a rule, the causes of phobias are children, including preverbal (and a half to two years) period of human development. Once formed in the immature psyche of the dynamic negative stereotypes may for a long time affect the life seemed to be Mature and respectable men and women.

Recently saw an interesting situation. I was walking down the street and passed a mom with a stroller, in which sat eighteen months the baby. Meet wheeled stroller another mom with a child about the same age.

Suddenly, not far (with a balcony) quite loudly barking dog that was unexpected even for adults. One of the kids that hour began to cry. His mother responded, trying to soothe the baby, only after the cry went hysterical. The screaming stopped only a few minutes. It was evident that the child was frightened suddenly a loud animal sound.

the Other mother immediately after barking dog commented on the incident, referring to the son: "the Dog barks: AV – AV!". The child is not uttering a sound listened to mum and continued to enjoy riding in the stroller.

This example shows two reactions of parents to the stress of the situation. In the first case the lack of reaction from the mother, contributed to the fright of the child. In the second case, timely and effective response by moms not only prevent fear in the child, but also consolidated his knowledge of the surrounding world (there are dogs, they bark, they bark in a certain way), as well as facilitating the development of confidence (dog barking is natural and in the presence of parents safely).

Similar microhabitat occur in the lives of parents every step of the way, so it's important to use them in the development of the child, formation of his personality as a confident, positive and ready for any of life's challenges.

I Hope this information will make parents think and inspire you to use creative educational potential in the process of familiarizing their children with the surrounding world.

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