Prevention of emotional burnout of the teacher

💡Very often the cause of physical and mental suffering is chronic stress that builds up if nothing is done. Stress factors - professional, emotional, or social, while continuing to accumulate in the body , cause the production of the hormone cortisol🔔, which is a cause of burnout at the biochemical level.
📣the Syndrome of burnout has a negative impact on professional activities and on the identity of the professional.
In the initial stages the worker can begin to experience less pleasure from their activities, without the desire to attempt new things, something to delay, to forget. Soon you may feel a "lack of charge" - like there is still a desire, plans, but not always enough energy. The ability of Eph interest in the work or the enthusiasm of.
"Manager Syndrome", the appearance of chronic symptoms may occur suddenly - suddenly starts to miss time, there is irritability, anger at yourself or clients.
So comes the Crisis itself - there is chronic fatigue, aggravated the disease. The employee understands that there is no strength to cope with their job responsibilities. There can be problems at work, in family, in the close environment. Often at this stage the employee to seek another job.
And what to do to avoid emotional burnout? 🔆 To use methods of self-regulation and restore itself. For example, meditation, use breathing exercises, body-oriented therapy . Learn to understand and accept their emotions and feelings.
🔆 to Observe the regime of work and rest, try not to take work home.
🔆 to take Care of his physical form, his body. It is well known that the physical state is closely connected with the emotional: yoga, swimming pool, walking, exercise play sports, gym.
🔆 it is Important to maintain their emotional state. Find 10 joys (and maybe more), for example, take a bath, meet with friends, walks in the woods, watch a good movie etc.
🔆Well, if you have Hobbies that don't involve work, for example, creative business, sport, participation in intellectual games clubs etc.
💡Importantly, take care of yourself! Take care of yourself! Please yourself!

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