Prevention of the soul


Prevention of souls

In my practice there was such case. On came a man in a deplorable condition, he was, you might say, insane. The reason — the unlived divorce. This story happened almost 10 years ago, he lost everything in one moment: collapsed business, left his wife. And still he lived, all suspected, aggression was through the roof. Nepriima once the injury developed into a serious mental disorder. br>
Immediately after the incident, he went to the clinic of neurosis, where it is a bit "patched". It would seem that everything should be sorted out, the drugs took anxiety. He came out of rehab and began to drink alcohol, smoke like a chimney. It's a way to get away from inner experiences, a very easy way, for which many cling. Gradually his condition only worsened. br>
neurosis there is always a reason. This reason requires timely treatment and most importantly prevention. br>
asking for drugs, he took the symptoms, but the cause of emotional pain is not understood. I'm sure the doctors gave him a recommendation, they can't give. When you have a neurosis, you guys really do live with chronic disease, as with the same with diabetes. If you do not follow the recommendations of doctors, you can re-start the disease process. But how man? A little heal — all, rushed into the fight. With regard to psychological problems, so this is a difficult conversation. Mental illness not taken seriously by many, all think: "time heals", and then life somehow for years without getting better. br>
mental health is the same story as with the physical. Emotional trauma requires attention and treatment. You need to follow the recommendations, you need to understand the root cause. You pay attention to what is happening to you, you care about yourself — this is true love for yourself. br>
What could be recommended in the case of neurosis or other psychological trauma? To go to individual therapy, attend therapeutic groups, to go on vacation, to normalize the working day, meditation, exercises, work with feelings. Little who continues to take care of myself, everything back to normal it is — why? But again, all similar to physiology: if you have gastritis and you have ceased to follow the diet, he will remind himself. If you are prone to emotional dependency, for example, you will definitely have to arrange a "proper food" for the soul.

Serious psychiatric history clearly require ongoing support. The same can be said about psychological problems, they occasionally require some ventilation. For some people to roll back to previous state is a matter of chance, a certain circumstance. Mental strength and stability you need to create almost daily. This could all be a work of a lifetime. But it's worth it, believe me. To become happier, you can and exercises to do every day, and the power to establish, and soul care to care.

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Alexander Malinin
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