Left a few hours before the NG and it's time to stop....)) in order to pay attention to prevention postnovogodny syndrome and what would the New year did not finish in the pre-race. Take care of yourself))

Stop, give yourself 15 minutes. Restore your breathing, relax. Where and why you are in a hurry - you have time as much as you have time)) and it makes no sense to strive to do something that you yourself probably not very wisely planned it on the last day of the year. In order not to die of the table-start living right now)) Who knew life he is in no hurry. And the rush-destiny's pawn))
Second and very important-anyways throw all your expectations about the magic of new year's eve. Magic always occurs initially inside and then manifests in the outside world. Magic is your relaxed stay in the here and now in each moment of your life. Waiting for magic is a road to nowhere. No, not so. The expectation is the path to frustration and suffering, which form the so-called postnovogodny syndrome of emptiness, because all your energy was focused on expectations and therefore obviously was spent for nothing.
Advance understand all of your desires that you are so eager to voice new year's eve. let it be meaningful lucid desires=your development objectives for the coming year. Because only you can realize your desire, and no one else. Santa Claus is not physically able to fulfill the desires of all people)))) let me Remind you that they should make at 23.00)
some reason a big part of the holiday for many people is to eat to satiety and drink to...well you know what I mean. Celebration is the joy of the perception and accommodation of the situation. savoring each moment. Fill your holiday with movement games and contests, dances and songs. Believe me, tomorrow you will not remember the food, filling your tables, and indeed most of this food gets into the trash or the toilet. But the emotions that you live forever imprinted in the memory of your soul. And by the way in the coming new year very carefully should contact with any liquids standing on your Desk-there is a risk of poisoning. Take care of yourself today)
Adjust your perception on the search for the beautiful, joyous moments in celebration of the New year. Go right now to your beloved, family people you around you. Hug, thank you for the year spent together and congratulate the upcoming year. After all, the most expensive is the heat of your interaction. Eliminate quarrels from menu)

If you heed these recommendations, the post-holiday syndrome will pass you))

you a Joyful holiday! You joyful post-holiday days!!!

Cozy and warm winter!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you" you say" press the button "thanks" ))

New year is 2018 in the network. Psychological support.

I Invite all who are lonely and sad together to celebrate the New year.
I Invite everyone who need support in the new year's eve. Let's make this night magical and joyful!!! You will find a very delicious menu!!) Among the dishes which the opportunity to purchase mediately to the resetting of the energies of the outgoing year and the acquisition of talisman for the coming year)

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