Pride in relationships (How to reconcile, not showing weakness)


Pride in the relationship (How to reconcile, not showing weakness)
- My daughter is three weeks not talking to her boyfriend - says Anya.
And know they love each other, but everyone is waiting for, not wanting to do the first step. br>
"I am not guilty, shouts my daughter. - Why do I have to go first?"
"Well, I'm not to blame, says Maxim. - Angry, seeing as she's packing, and just decided to go first. I didn't think she would take offense to it. Not going thresholds obbivat once came." br>
"where is he damage? Just think, once came, brought a gift. But he said nothing and did not ask! We sat in the kitchen and left!" br>
sounds Familiar? And these stories are pretty common.
the Relationship these guys have went to the wedding. Mom didn't really know how to babysit grandchildren. Suddenly the child with the suitcase back.
- You have a fight?
- Yes. And the first (th) I will not do. br>
it's been more than a month, and children and keep silent neutrality.
Hope the parents only for the New year. br>
- do You think the tale will happen?
- With their own characters meets one of the moms, of course not. br>
And now, to lose love forever because of pride?
Why nobody wants to give in?
maybe the step forward is an automatic loss?
But losing is a weakness?
But if lost in the small, then large forget? br>
- will give way to the beginning of a relationship - then feet on to dry me, she thinks.
- do Not put in place immediately - and so will your whole life running after her, he says. br>
How can that be?
How to fix it, if you really want, but are afraid to show weakness? br>
do You think it's a simple theme and applies only to youth?
Anything like that. br>
Tanya does not talk with Glory for the past three months, and how to change it - knows neither he nor she.
- Honestly, I don't quite remember what offended. But just remember that in 15 years of marriage there was a lot to be offended, and that's decided once for all! And I don't care what Glory did not understand what sulk, I could just ask for forgiveness!
I am a woman! br>
Girls, I cannot be on the side of men, because did not know how deep your resentment on them. But your side, I also have to take in the circumstances can not.
What's this stereotype that a man must do something first. Who is he? br>
each of us has foibles, regardless of what we the floor. And since we formed a couple together, then the answer should be together. br>
As if I didn't like quarrels, but still between cold silence and a flaming war, I will always choose the latter. There, at least after the screams there would be any result. br>
Pride (pride has no relation) doesn't help, as you seem to be in the leading position, but, on the contrary, tramples everything that you have created. br>
The best in all situations - to go on an open dialogue. In order to offer to sit down at the negotiating table, do not have to admit they were wrong. By doing this you will not humiliate yourself, but only allow another person to Express their opinion on this matter.
moving away from dialogue, it's like you cover yourself with pride, recognizing that you are the best.
You - not the best, you - exactly the same as another. br>
In any situation, in any quarrel, always both to blame. What would you didn't tell me. So to sit and wait until your favorite you speak, and to amuse his pride at least a pretty childish attitude. br>
I once decided that would not happen in my family, the morning we will still meet on one pillow.
But if the morning is on one pillow, it makes no sense not to talk. Life is filled with quite different spectrums of emotions and it is better not to dwell on any one, for example, on offense. br>
in addition, except you it nobody else will destroy. br>
Your pride that hinders you to take the first step, and will work in your body as a battery to the negative feelings. They will always eat it.
Instead of a time to forget everything and calm down, will be harder to foment anger and resentment.
And then, quite unconsciously, you will drive from your heart such a beautiful feeling as love. br>
But do not think that starting a new relationship, everything will be different.
Not learning to skate, it is pointless to change the ice.

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