Private practice psychologist: a natural person or entrepreneur?

fellow psychologists, I suggest you first decide on the form of organization of our practice: whether you act as individuals or will acquire the status of an individual entrepreneur (IE)?

Calculations will carry on with into account the fact that a psychologist works in person and online.

And just say if you tax got caught doing business without paying taxes, penalties now from a few tens of thousands of rubles including imprisonment.

Since I am already in the status of IE work with 2012, then first we calculate expenses of a physical person:

In principle it is possible to work in the status of individuals, taking the money on the card and taking the money earned from the site B17 on the map. And then to file a Declaration on the earned money, paying tax on income of physical persons 13% (probably this year the tax will be 15%).

If you earn 100 000 per year on their own, you will pay 13,000 rubles tax.

If the site B17 after withdrawal amount of 100 000 will become first in the 75,000 rubles and then your expenses paid with tax:
25000+9750 = 34750 rubles

This is possible if the practice of a psychologist you have is impermanent and does not bring a lot of money but there is a danger that you'll be charged with business activities without establishment of a legal entity and tax evasion from the state.

the biggest danger is that your online activity can easily be spotted by the fiscal authorities - upon the slightest suspicion your card will block and this is the best.

the Basic costs of the psychologist in the IE status

Even before receiving first profit, a psychologist who decided to work as an individual entrepreneur will be faced with such expenses:

  • sole proprietorship - duty 800 rubles.
  • Opening a Bank account from 7000 up to 12,000 rubles a year.
  • rent or purchase online cash from 32000 to 55000 a year (this with a fiscal memory device and connecting to CRF) - how to save on this line describe further.
  • Plus the cost of processing - for example Yandex Kassa is another 3-5% from each payment.
  • Payments to the pension Fund for the year 2018 (25545 +5840) = 31 385 rubles.

Plus 6% of income, plus 1% for income over 300,000 rubles a year.

it Seems nothing is forgotten - experts correct me if missed something. And cashier needed for full-time and online counseling.

How to avoid the large consumption connection online cash?

designed a couple of days ago, consulted the tax for this reason.

the Answer is simple - to work only clearing, working with and lifting that will be for you to charge the client, and you transfer the money, minus their Commission.

warning: the payment to your account SP customer's card qualifies as a cash or cash required online!

Expenses of the author to 2018 (in addition to the tax under the simplified tax system):

  1. Payments to the pension Fund: 31385 rubles.
  2. rent account in Alfa Bank: 7000 rubles.
  3. rental service JustClick.Ru: 4850 rubles (9700 rubles for 2 years).
  4. rent office: 48000 rubles.

total: 90 253 rubles. Considerable fee for legitimacy - but I'm not complaining.

Collaboration PI of the psychologist with the website B17

If You will work in collaboration with our beloved website В17.RU and practice online - this is legal, provided that you will withdraw money at the expense of SP. As I understand it, the creators of the site are SP and if you noticed, online the checks they send to customers through the First CRF.

in cooperation with B17 only see 2 drawbacks:

  • You can work online only.
  • Minus 25% of the payment of the Customer ( not so much if you include the 25% in the value of their sessions).
You still think it is worth it to raise the price of their consultations?
Then we go to you!

Receiving payments through the service JustClick.Ru br>

I started working with this service is not as a psychologist but as a co-founder of "Workshop Coaching Technology" (by the way if you are a business coach or moderator of psychological webinars - write me in PM - I have an interesting methodological products for you).

the Rate of "Beginner" will give you all the features of this service at 11880 roubles per year Plus 10% for processing):

  1. Shop online with a catalog of your services and information products.
  2. Auto webinars.
  3. Creation of online courses.
  4. Send SMS.
  5. the action.
  6. Analyst.
  7. Organization newsletters.
  8. additional sales and more.

Everything is very convenient - connected - enter into a contract with OOO "Justclick.RU", set up your store and start working.

As a psychologist to save on service

I have used this method myself yesterday and you recommend:

  • Go and register for the service.
  • Call or write in support and ask for a discount.
  • I in the Department on work with Clients offered to pay the 2 year rate "Beginner" for 9700 rubles (savings 14060 rubles).
  • Configure key services and products, newsletter and begin to work.

If you are not working on a regular basis, then maybe you will be interested in pay monthly 990 rubles per month.

If the article was useful for you - like binding!

Questions and suggestions in the review - happy to discuss.

And share the article on social networks with colleagues - I am sure for many, the issues disclosed in this article is as relevant as ever.

Alexander Malarek
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