the Ability to laugh at yourself is not a sign of wisdom. It is a sign of high emotional intelligence. The one that is the basis of success in any single area of your life. How can you justify this idea? I propose to look at the following thoughts.

Humor (here and hereinafter means it is the humor ON yourself) is the spontaneous change of attitude to the situation, try to look at it under custom view. This ability to identify or create contradictions in the perception of life and broadcast those contradictions to others. A good illustration can serve as this article, in which the logical [that it was necessary to think of] the author [I myself] is trying to justify the importance of humor and even show the instruments of its implementation in your life [ish, which swung]. Yes, and simple, and succinct tools [well, all the GURU, not otherwise]. Drove.

First example. There's this racer Michael Schumacher. He was known specimen of humor and irony in the workflow. He is always before the race (with a high risk of accidents and unpleasant for life outcomes) were interviewed, joked, laughed at him. And then sat behind the wheel, and won. And 7 times became the champion of the world, however. And why? Because

humor five task (IMHO).

Break the pattern of thinking, spontaneity. Discipline, concentration, focus on results – this is a cool get tired and fall into a state of stress. Yes, effective in terms of movement to the target. But emotionally weakening. Humor allows you to be spontaneous, which is most valuable when making decisions.

the Removal of excess voltage.Endorphins and serotonin notably, muscle tension. While you are sitting in obezbijede static dejection or sadness. You are in optimal shape, which is more than useful when you start any effort. However, prolonged use humor drains. Those of kt have been to good concerts quality of comedians is well aware. 1.5 hours of laughter – and then the legs.

Expansion of consciousness. As the saying goes, who served in the army, that in circus does not laugh. To look at the situation from an unconventional perspective, it is necessary somehow for a situation to watch. That is to go to a bystander [not to be confused "with silently slate rustling"...]. The very position that gives you the opportunity to choose from many options of reactions to the situation. And this is neither more nor less than the level of a qualitative change in perception of reality [I'm here, I'm serious; albeit with a touch of pathos].

Reduce the emotional distance between people. Bring together not only the pheromones and intoxicating alcoholic drinks. Humor also brings. It allows partners and opponents feel at ease. And all because humor is the ability to play with interpersonal boundaries. It is an active search for the boundaries of the opponent. This desire for emotional contact. Humor on himself even more useful, as it allows to understand and to accept themselves.

Well, to get high. And then all, in my opinion, it is possible not to write anything. A priori, any buzz is accompanied by a laugh or an unorthodox view of the structure of being.

What to do [that is all, now I do, "" going to teach]

In gravely discuss the strategies of humor on himself categorically impossible. Therefore I propose to plunge into the world of metaphors.

Step 1.0. To identify the presence of voltage. Options can be any. EK stomps me/sausage/goggles/inserts/Kumari ...[more everyone is selecting options yourself depending on the measure of his depravity]. The main thing – to consciously formulate the existence of voltage.

Step 2. Find the frivolous side of the situation. Remember the good old "even from the stomach of eater, there are two choices"? Yes, people saw you fall. But you can shout "someone had to remove me on video?". Yes, you forget the key to the apartment the door is already the 7th time. So you know that the lazy thieves – thieves in your area. Yes, you are doing yoga with the grace of a sleepy whale. So...but what a difference! The mere comparison of himself with something unusual – this is the transition from trying to immediately blame yourself for the sheer lack of plasticity to something positive and life-affirming.

Step 3. add to the situation of energy. Humor is a proactive position in life. When you are waiting for reviews from anyone, you are judging yourself. Mind you, not compare with real characters from their environment (it would smell low self-esteem), and with the phenomena and beings, which are not associated with something serious and meaningful to you. Then there is depreciation (which is useful for any disappointments) and, at the same time, recharge their internal energy. Because you take your destiny in your hands [and no matter what at this point you laugh at how I parked at 3 Parking spaces].

Step 4. Enjoy your image. Enjoy Jacuzzi, a new Mercedes, and sand in Tahiti or your favorite bed. But enjoy what you see the bright side to the fullest ...nice. It is worthy of admiration, encouragement and adoration. Until samooborone.

But seriously. I work with neuroses, depression, and addictions. And can authoritatively say. The moment when my client starts making fun of the significance of their own symptoms (it is in PRO mode, consciously and Professionally) with high validity means the closeness of recovery. Something like that. I have all the.

Everything in [brackets] is the humor of the author on himself. For his attempts you can press "say thanks" under the post.

Kuzmichev, Alexander
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