Profession, Hobbies and love


this text is born on the way to his office (and before I got like 2.5 km, and there is always something good to think or solve). in my head it sounded quite different. I do not remember exactly how, but he was beautiful, like a song. but the paper went a different word. this phenomenon is often noticed by writers, saying that the text directs them, and not they, and never it is impossible to predict what kind of joke would do this or that hero, this or that idea... in this sense, writers often feel not creators, and agents of ideas.

- I can write in any condition and at any time of the day or night, my lovely friend, the journalist. - It's called professionalism.

- And I'm only on inspiration - I noticed.

- Yes, because to you it's just a hobby.

Fact! But therapeutical and advise I can just at any time of the day or night. Sometimes, taking the fifth customer in a row, I feel like I want to lie with closed eyes in the silence, but this time the head itself thinks and the language itself is responsible. Sometimes I marvel at how the mind is not matter what keeps line of thought, the General context and the key problem connected with what is happening here and now. It really is what is called professionalism and experience.

But I can write only when you have free time and mood. Even if spinning in my head ideas (and they are spinning constantly), if there are no resources and I'm tired, I'm not writing.

In this sense, the profession is not only how we make money, but what we feel his calling. Of course, if it is selected for love.

And here is another danger - when you choose love, we become addicted. Matter loves us whether our profession. If it does not respond to us in return, we do not find a way to fulfill your potential (for example, no free jobs our specialty or no demand for our labor and skill...), then we experience all that is going through unrequited loves suffer and do not find a place in this meaningless world.

the Buddhist say: your problem is that you have found refuge in their profession.

We're all looking for refuge: the partner (usually peculiar to women) or children (also usually women's refuge) or in a profession, career, money (often male way of being), maybe even in machines, power, and even his own beautiful body...

But all this is of a temporary nature: a partner may leave or die, children can build their lives strictly in their own way and no longer need us, career may one day collapse, the profession is becoming in demand, the body definitely will fade, and the money... nothing is more temporary and ephemeral, especially in Russia. Having lost what we found refuge final truth that we inevitably feel the meaninglessness of existence and not feel a reason to live.

So whether or not to seek refuge in such temporary and limited things? Ask the Buddhists.

And what else? - Asks the man.

In mind. - Meets a Buddhist Lama. In the development of their abilities to benefit others, to be most beneficial. And all.

If my love (profession, career,...) doesn't love me back, I don't suffer from the fact that I do not recognize, I just doing everything possible for the benefit of others - do what you think is right and interesting and/or seeking to be useful in something else. If, for example, no clients, no request for my services or just leaving a client, I and this learn a lesson, and will continue to grow, to learn, and here I will draw conclusions that allow to be more efficient and productive in the future.

So my favorite profession is happiness and at the same time can be a problem, if we find in her final refuge.

And Hobbies... they are generally not expected to be mutual love... I don't always like them and don't always want to do it. Moreover, they often serve as just a fun distraction from the constant work of the mind, for without this threatens professional burnout and reduced efficiency.

And yet how beautiful it is, when there is a favorite occupation, when she reciprocates and there is opportunity and resources sometimes to write, to travel, to get involved in the English language, sports and style! And most importantly, useful! Including something frivolous - their texts, and narratives of travel.

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And always be happy!

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