for the First time the term "burnout" was introduced by American psychotherapist, Freidenberg in 1974 and were used to characterize the emotional state of people whose work is connected with intense, forced intercourse.

those who work in the system "man-man", i.e. the representatives of such professions, doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, and psychotherapists.

In the past two decades, "the staff burnout" has become the scourge of Russian business. It turned out that the employees working with clients (managers, sales consultants, Bank employees), somehow quickly lose the ability to "attractive" to communicate with people, causing it significant financial damage to your organization.

What is professional burnout?

professional burnout is a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. Emotional burnout — the process is quite tricky, because affected by this syndrome often poorly aware of its symptoms. He can't see yourself and to understand what is happening. Leaders and HR managers should listen to themselves and to the complaints of the employees to the deterioration of health condition and physical or emotional health.

First, muted emotions, no senses. Like outwardly all is normal, but in the feeling of emptiness and boredom. Then begin to irritate the people that have to work, then there is hostility to them. At first it is easy to restrain her, but gradually hide the irritation harder, and finally, the anger just spills out. Her victim is the innocent people, bystanders, client, colleague, relative. At the last stage there is a sharp drop in self-esteem and professional motivation. Man of habit can save respectability, but everything and everyone around him become indifferent. Communicating with people causes discomfort. At this severe stage, possible health problems, insomnia, abuse of alcohol, Smoking, drugs, psychotropic substances. In that order, usually, are the symptoms of burnout.

the Syndrome of combustion can not be called a personal problem – it affects not only a specific person, but the organization, which he directs or in which works: decreases effectiveness, increases the number of errors accepted hasty and rash decisions, leading a financial loss. The vast majority of staff observed internal physical or emotional condition with the same symptoms, and same behavior. People become pessimistic, they have no faith in positive changes at work and the opportunity to change something through their own efforts. Reduced quality of work, there are unmotivated rational reasons for the dismissal of employees (high turnover rate), reduced loyalty, low productivity, negative atmosphere in the team.

As a rule, people engaged in business don't have time for a hobby. And in rare moments of relaxation they can't completely disconnect from thinking about work.

Perhaps that is why many big leaders prefer extreme sports: mountain skiing, rafting, skydiving, etc. Risk makes you focus on something else, to shift attention.

What to do?

Universal recipe, how to protect yourself from burnout, there can not be, because it depends on the personal characteristics of each person. But, the main thing to remember is not to mix professional with personal problems, work at work and relaxing at home. It is very important to rely on the support of family and friends.

don't forget to find time for leisure, art, sport, people, travel, outings.

Periodically ask yourself questions-- what is the point in what You are doing? What's the purpose?

Clarity about yourself makes life meaningful and complete.

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