Professional burnout of teachers – professionals of the disease of the 21st century or "blurred boundaries" of his.

Great people, professionals in the profession for over 20 years, it would seem that the GODS of education, but... at a certain stage of its activities unexpectedly (although if you analyze something completely predictable) started to lose interest in her. Appears a formality, conflict, and later neurotic disorders. The relevance of this topic due to increasing demands from society to the personality of the teacher, because the teaching profession has a great social importance.Professional burnout syndrome (I am going to talk about people who are more than 10 years in the profession, although this syndrome catches up with young professionals, but that's another topic) includes three main components: the depletion of emotional depersonlizatia and reduction of professional achievements.Emotional exhaustion is felt as emotional stress, as an "empty jar" - the exhaustion of the own emotional resources. A person can not work as before, of course age has a certain effect, of course, but I have examples of other people who are more than 50 years in the profession and do not feel dull, the dullness of her own emotions. You can say that "everyone is different" and you'd be right, but to the teachers it is difficult to apply – in fact we are knowledge, kindness, and love kids – they trust us and we have no margin for error.Depersonalization - the tendency of development of negative, callous attitude to the stimuli, and in our situation - children, colleagues, parents. Increases the anonymity and formality of contacts. Negative beliefs can be hidden, can begin to manifest itself in pent-up irritation that comes with time out of flares of irritation or conflict. And lately we hear a lot about it from the media, from peers and social networks. The last straw, a minor detail, it would seem, was a decisive stimulus and had a "terrible" teacher beat the student or used foul language.Reduction of personal achievements – reduced feelings of competence in their work, self-reproach and dissatisfaction. As a consequence, the emergence of a sense of guilt for their own negative manifestations, drop in self-esteem, cause feelings of worthlessness, and then indifference to the work.

Tips for preventing professional burnout

1. Treat yourself with love and try to experience sympathy.Take care of your mood and positive mood in life, master the skills of self-hypnosis "joy day," the joy of the work.

2. Choose a business that you like and avoid activities that do not cause you much enthusiasm.

3. Do not look for in the work of salvation or happiness. Recognize that perfection is impossible, but in each achievement has its own top. Strive for it and be content with that.

4. Focus on your life, stop living for other people.

5. Do not turn at work, devote extra time to their individual interests and needs.

6. Soberly comprehend the events of the day, make it a rule to summarize.Rejoice in any of its achievement. "Nothing discourages more than failure; nothing endorses stronger than no success."

7. Before you help someone, think carefully whether the person in need.

8. Learn to say "no" if it harms your psychological wellbeing.

If the professional burnout syndrome has overtaken you, you need to start treatment.

How to treat the syndrome of professional burnout:

1. Deal first and foremost with yourself. Think not only about their purpose in life and about the future and reflective about what you're doing, and what you could get.

2. Try to perform your work.

3. Care in the related area can be a great way out when you feel exhausted at the old workplace.

4. While staying at your workplace, try to learn what had previously seemed to be a problem. This way you will be able to rekindle the interest in their profession, making it a great tool for self-development.

does not Exist a single "pill" from the burnout syndrome. Everyone needs from time to time pause for awareness what he's doing at the moment, where he goes and what he really wants. Looking at their activities from the outside, there is a chance to see a variety of new features.

Be attentive to yourself and friends!

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