When a certain number of people

reach a certain degree of development,

evolving the entire human race.

Paulo Coelho

the Only reasonable person was my tailor:

every time he removed again my measure,

whereas all the others came to me with the old and

imagined that it still reflects my actual size.

George Shaw

Man is a complex system of relations with the external environment.

It is impossible to form or how to do something.

the Person you want to include in the activities, to encourage her. Then through that of their own activities together (or jointly) with others it will be formed under its influence.

In place of the previously achieved level of human development as a professional and the person can not stand. Therefore , professional development around the world attach special importance to.

In our country the value of professional development also began to realize, although not all and not everywhere.

If the Manager is interested in socially active professionals, it motivates participants to continuous improvement and training. The creative Manager is aware that professional development creates real preconditions for self-realization and development of creative abilities. It affects the personality of an employee in General, helps to understand themselves and the significance of its activities, and also stimulates the formation of intellectual, moral and personal qualities.

People can realize themselves better means to achieve more and be professionally successful.

a Couple of years ago I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki “Rich dad, poor dad”. Author besseler successful educator,financier and businessman – brought out a cone formation, which is used for professional development of heads of world leading companies. Two weeks after reading the material in our memory remains 10% of the information. And after participating in the business game or after the actual waste situation - 90%. Listened to a lecture will leave 15% of the information and participation in the training - 80%.

In my work I have met different leaders: talented, ambitious, hysterical, materialistic, "merging" with subordinates and of course, creativity. My article for these – creative, not ordinary thinking, without stereotypes and understand the responsibility!

Like "the Little Prince" - "We are responsible for those who tamed"!

brainstorming, simulation of real experience, real work and other active forms of knowledge transfer to achieve professional development of their employees, and therefore,success.

the Famous American psychologist Martha Beck came up with remarkable success formula.


In this formula, And it is, in fact, the success to which we aspire;

X — Silence (which is gold);

the Y — Job (work activities);

Z — Game.

step by step instructions from Martha Beck for those who want a successful professional:

the First step. Stop joking around and to discuss their problems and perspectives with friends. Especially with enemies. So You will be less likely to hear confusing advice and "scary stories" from the life of losers in the retelling still the big losers, is intended solely for the ears... losers.

the Second step. Instead of talking too much — start to work on implementing their dreams. And always keep in mind the Chinese proverb: "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

Third step. When You are tired from a long journey to your dream, stop and play. Implement in practice the Council Joseph Murphy: "in order to cure the disease called "depression", look inside yourself and feel the way You want to be." Only — never sit idly by!

If You can't right now (tired) work — play. Imagine that You want to have. Draw, dream, create "a Card of wish fulfillment"! Write letters to the Universe, Santa Claus, themselves... there is Nothing that eliminates the Blues like an honest attempt to return to childhood, a time when trees were big...

Stick pictures cut out of magazines, a large sheet of paper, embroider the house of their dreams, write stories... do Not waste yourself in idle! Don't tell anyone about your plans! The people are very loving to build themselves from knowledgeable experts in all fields and to be meticulous critics of other people's ideas! Well, as soon as You have a hand — work, "just one step" in the direction of Your dreams!

And because very soon You will run so far ahead that the rest of the world that You are surrounded and brought nothing but trouble, will remain far behind. And then, turning casually, You will see tiny dark silhouettes waving to You men — those who have recently filled all Your space, closing the perspective and the blue sky. Don't stop, don't wait for them. After all, everyone is on the Road of Life my way....

And in the end, the parable, perhaps the real situation is that I read today:

the Annual world championship was held in British Columbia. The finalists were the canadian and the Norwegian.

Their task was as follows. Each of them was assigned a certain area of the forest. The winner was whoever could knock down the greatest number of trees from 8 am until four o'clock.

At eight o'clock he heard a whistle and two woodcutters took their positions. They cut the tree, while the canadian heard that the Norwegian stopped. Realizing that this was his chance, the canadian redoubled his efforts.

at nine o'clock In the canadian heard that the Norwegian again went to work. And again, they were working almost synchronously, when suddenly ten ten canadian heard that the Norwegian stopped again. And again the canadian went to work, wanting to take advantage of the weakness of the enemy.

At ten o'clock the Norwegian was involved again in the work. Until ten minutes to eleven he briefly not interrupted. With a growing sense of jubilation canadian continued to work in the same rhythm, already feeling the smell of victory.

And so it went on all day. Every hour of the Norwegian stayed for ten minutes, and the canadian continued to work. When the signal came about the end of the competition, at exactly four in the afternoon, the loonie was quite sure that the prize in his pocket.

You can imagine how he was surprised to find that he had lost.

- How did this happen? he asked the Norwegian. Every hour I heard you for ten minutes stops working. How the hell you managed to chop more wood than me? It's impossible.

- it is actually very simple, ' replied the Norwegian. Every hour I stayed for ten minutes.

And while you continued to chop wood, I was sharpening my axe.

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