In career guidance one of the important directions is a professional samples and internships. the
Professional test is a means of actualization of professional self-determination and activation of creative potential of personality of a child. the
Options professional internships huge:
-Tours, excursions all were and you know what is this format;

-master classes, You come to the expert and tells and shows what he does best within their profession;

- internships in companies, when a child comes into the company and watching for some time the work of a specialist. Or is waiting in the wings and performs a simple job;

-#cases – the decision of the working task of specialists of different professions, it can be in individual format, group format games, quest, etc.;

-#professional sample – something like the master class, only have to do yourself.

- #of career guidance camp is a full immersion in the world of jobs, children try profession the clock; br>
-#volunteering is not work, work means getting paid for certain activities. Volunteering is a voluntary assistance, without any material benefit. These people are called volunteers or volunteers. br>
But still volunteering #brings #the BENEFIT of the volunteer:
#first, volunteering to teach (for FREE) and it is good, updated knowledge and skills;

#second, the entrant having the volunteer book when entering the UNIVERSITY receives an additional 5 points. br>
#thirdly, communication with different people. br>
#fourthly, volunteering helps to develop skills soft skills, the so-called "soft skills" or #professional#. No matter where they want to go to study or work our volunteer – these skills are essential in any profession. br>
#Professional #skills are responsible for successful participation in any workflow, high performance, and are cross-cutting.
These skills are closely linked to personal qualities: responsibility, discipline, self-management (self-management). And social skills: communication, teamwork, time management, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking. br>

In our city uses a broad range of internships:
- #excursions in #College, do show and tell, as You will learn, on what equipment, who will do it and then what to do with Your degree. br>
- #of trips #of the enterprise in which you can see the conditions in which work passes that do different experts;

- #master-classes to you in school comes to a specialist or you to him and talks about his profession, or clearly shows. You can listen, but can not try. br>
- #internships, too, but not many. E.g., McDonalds or KFC takes on paid internships for children from the age of 16 for 3.5 hours a day. Russian post also invites you to vacation time to do fieldwork. And various labor camps. br>
- #professional sample offered by our colleges, the MTC and the Polytechnic. MTK usually gives you the opportunity to try to be a hairdresser. Polytech offers to try almost all of the specialties that they have. the
Professional samples is contests, mugs and sections on interests. Our Winning the WHC was also prepproval. Also now in schools, samokleski prepare projects, the projects also provide an opportunity to try themselves in the profession. br>
format #of lectures on the professions, in our case, "#University #Saturday". In my opinion, it is not effective, well, NOT like children in this form, they are BORED. br>
Finally got)))

- #Volunteering!!! Volunteering in our city IS!
There is an example, our school #MOUSOSH No. 16 from the beginning of 2018 has become a pilot area of the project "#LIVE!". Now five girls 8-classic studied this craft. Today I received #volonterskaja. By the end of the week will receive the 1st job.
IT's fun!!! Photos will be later))). br>
Professional internship may be a variety of formats every day, the guys are confronted with it. #IMPORTANTLY!!! That training took place correctly and gave a real idea of the #of the profession.

Poroshina Daria
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