Professional well-being or how to love your job


do you Like what you do every day?

Most of the time in a week we learn, work, play career – each has its own sphere of employment. But does the thought of the upcoming activities we have a foretaste? Do we like what we do?

unfortunately, in our society the belief prevails that the work itself does not involve fun and are often associated with hard work – both intellectual and physical. The consequence of this attitude of getting the desire to reduce the duration of the working day or week to a minimum and, in the future, as early as possible to retire. Paradoxically, approaching retirement age, many realize that without work it will not be easy. Moreover, looking back at the past years, the understanding of – in my entire life I never found what would become my vocation.

Now imagine that you have asked: "What are you doing?"

How do you usually answer this question as answered now? If you are happy, carried away by the narrative – most likely you have a high level of professional well-being.

what are you talking About? Professional well-being is psychological well-being of the individual in terms of professional activity. The psychological well-being is the state of harmony of personality, reflected in the subjective feeling of satisfaction with myself and my own life. If we get the job satisfaction – we can talk about the professional well-being.

When we have regular opportunities to do business that brings pleasure – the General level of psychological well-being decreases. You've probably noticed that people, who go to the unloved work, a significant part of the conversation is paid to the complaint. This, in turn, causes stress and affects health. Therefore, a low occupational health harms and other areas of life.

on the Contrary, people with high professional welfare love my job, so much so that she somehow comes into contact with other aspects of life and becomes a part of it, even in your free time. It may seem that in this case paid too much attention. But in fact, these people most of the time with pleasure, getting satisfaction from the opportunities to grow and develop from day to day.

To work was a joy, it is crucial to use your strengths and focus on success, not on avoiding failure. This, in turn, increases the dedication and its quality. Agree, a nice bonus? By the way, according to the results of several studies, people having the ability to use own strengths, more than three times more likely to rate their quality of life as excellent, compared to those who have no opportunity to engage in work that manages them best.

Often we underestimate the impact of the career on the General state of well-being.

Maybe it's time to reconsider?

Love what you do every day. It's never too late to find your professional niche, which will involve your talents and strengths.

Yulia Kostina
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