Speaking about the causes of divorce, I can confidently say that the leader is the original program for divorce. What does it mean? This means that intuitively you always know that this person will not live, but with the help of anger management and the views of the environment, trying to convince yourself otherwise. Sometimes even more you need a divorce than a wedding, then there are your hidden needs. To create such "swing" of a program is influenced by several factors:

  • the Need for separation (emotional separation from her father). How would you find the first husband of his father, with whom there is a strong emotional connection (no matter what you're relationship is good or bad) and have an unconscious need to interrupt them. Divorcing husband, you are symbolically acting out a gap with his father, out of his control and feel the joy of freedom. Then the wedding was necessary.
  • Predominant archetype Amazon, inherited from the mother or acquired in a feminist environment. These women initially realize that no man will ever get along, they just want the baby and this mission men completed. Oh, no! Further it should be my fault that nothing happened, a scapegoat means.
  • Law consistent behavior. This is when you casually dropped the phrase about love and a future together, because with them you pulled out and then forced to conform. said or even did to be consistent. After all, have a reputation of inconsistent person is scared, this is consistent with a psychopath, a fraud, a loser, or mentally retarded. You become a hostage to the manifestations of his kindness as stray animals, which feeding time, it's difficult to pin down. You've given him hope, how now to explain that the action screw? In any way, "take on postoyanku" times sorry!)) Sorry, that means it was a pet or you love animals, and love, then live with them, so they can not expel. So the brain, which is forced to obey the law consistent behavior. After the logical sequence has ended, you can create reasons for the resignation or expulsion, short of divorce. Be careful, all love!

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