I Love long journeys by train, I often have to travel for work. Sit once on the train, with me sits a beautiful young girl. Road and brings together, ties up a casual conversation in which casually drop the phrase:
"We programmers all their lives, and the quality of life depends on a literate or an illiterate programmer. And the program form our thoughts and words."
Listening to the examples of the impact of words on our lives, it breaks the phrase:
"I'm in shock".
"Think about what you just said", I would like to draw her attention.
"But I didn't mean".
"sorry, you do not get to change the meaning of words, at its discretion, the information space knows the true meaning of each word and takes your "order". You want to find yourself in a hospital bed in a state of shock?"
"No, of course..."
"that's crazy," responds the girl.
"now what did you say?"
"wow," the frightened girl again.
"You really do not want?"
"Well, it's so hard to constantly think that you're talking about."
"the word "hard" will hurt the shoulders," I have to respond.
"So what do you do?"
"What do you do when your computer virus appears?"
"Put antivirusnik".
"But it is a program that someone you have written to your computer you served, and you pay for it money. But in my life none of you will not write the final program, will have to try myself. Children at school are also not given to all just the alphabet, but opens the confidence and capabilities. The Knowledge system of ECOLOGY of THOUGHT L. P. Troyan is this alphabet that allows you to manage your life consciously and to transform those "viral" words that destroy human health.
As the legal right to ignorance of the law is no excuse, as in life, ignorance ends with the diseases and problems.
is there something more important than your own life? What could be more valuable and interesting than to understand its laws and to be able to manage them?
to Live in a world without understanding how it works, it's all the same what to go on the road, not knowing traffic rules, and take offense that had an accident.
She thanked him for our conversation and went to his station deep in thought.

Galina Dubrovskaya
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