Proof like a drop.With our day we, fellow psychologists!


as long as we at least have something to prove, we fall into the abyss unprovable, leans in the direction of aggression, fear and uncertainty that initially gradually and then and in General breaks our lives. The balance of the system lies in the fact that knowledge balances the benefits to result from its use. Not knowledge - balances is empty.

We often want to prove something, to show, approve, placing a bet on the approval, acceptance and response from those who it would seem is with us in the same system, not realizing that to prove "their" only going to the level above, where the result of the offense gives the fruit. While we sit in the evidence, we sit in the empty and confrontation result.

to Prove you're a good man, is really to be any. To prove that you are a good woman and man to be nothing and no, because to recognize the "goodness", can only be the result of our participation in relations with others through time. To prove that we are good spouses, is to stay in their roles, stuck on defending and proving to himself and others without making or committing the case to the evidence, gather evidence, but does not live with her husband and partner. Imperceptibly we move from the search for good and making him embittered gathering points, points in front of the other, competition and rivalry, forgetting that our marriage was going to love each other, accept each other and help each other.

Proving that you were good, you even forget about the case, about the nature of things, why have you come to him, a profession in creativity, for what purpose and results. Instead of working and development of the fruit, the pleasure of his craft and the results of their labor, we become afraid to lose, to miss, to catch, to be meaningful, equal, accepted and approved by family and community, going further and further from the quiet, creative, inspired state in which we are creating, creating fruit.

Today our professional holiday, the day that we can once again think about why we are in this profession? To prove, to defend themselves and their opinions in front of others, colleagues, clients, or to serve the cause, which is so important in people's lives. Our results, our fruits are not visible in the ratings, and happy people received their answers and help from our business. In our families, children, system, which we created in the word, the ideas and thoughts that gave impetus to the development in human thinking, in that seed, which will germinate over time.There are our fruits, our evidence that grow on their own, if we are loving, calm and internal balance doing their job.

we All wish you constant development, balance, finding their way, following their path, and the fruit will appear and manifest themselves, sometimes as a warm thank you from a client years later, a review, or you see happy, who once with you went your way for a change. Not to prove but to do, not to argue, and to be faithful to the idea, which is bringing the fruit to not compete and make difference, to be flexible and alive, by his example, showing the ability to update that as a community we benefit society as a whole.

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