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I have long hesitated on this text is about depression. It seemed to me that this disease is now so prevalent, and information about him are so many that another article just drown in this vast ocean. But a few days ago, returning from work, I met a friend. She was concerned about her distant cousin. br>"I think there's something wrong. She very abruptly lost, the face is some grey became. Often cries, though in the family she was all right. Constantly forgets everything, absent-minded, cannot concentrate. And sleeping she's not strong. Says 4-5 in the morning my eyes open, and all sleep in one eye. To get, things to do, also no strength. Recently gave birth to a baby, the long-awaited, healthy. Should in fact rejoice in the fact as it grows. And she kind of indifferent, like a spell "that will That not will – still". Mother-in-law tells her that it is necessary for the psychic to go remove the damage. Husband says it's just from fatigue. And I think she would be a psychologist..."

I Have after this story was hot from shame, what a tragedy for the family can end the story if you do not take correct actions. Friend has described the exact symptoms of depression. And Yes, that's mine. br>
In our country the tendency to ignore severe emotional States is a serious problem. However, there is in society and imbalance in the other direction. The man is to face the banal fatigue, bad weather, or a little failure, he will announce to the entire Internet: "I Have depression. Like cookies with tea and baby soft/ mango and the sea." And the confusion comes. Serious – depreciating nonsense elevated to a cult. br>
Let us understand what constitutes depression and what is just fatigue or depression. the
Start with the basics. br>
1. Gipotimiey.
This condition long lasting (over 2 weeks) and stable (not dependent on circumstances) reduce the mood. It's not just sadness or grief. As well, when nothing pleases and is not interested. Do not want to. Nothing can lift the mood of the person. Gifts, attention, entertainment, encouragement, anecdotes – it doesn't work.
to understand how it is, just imagine that everything you once loved, everything that gave you a positive, suddenly disappeared from the life forever...

2. Anhedonia.
Hedonists are those who live exclusively for pleasure. By Anhedonia the person loses the ability to get pleasure from that before he was taken, and something new. Lost the pleasures of food and sex.

3. Long-term (over a month) reduced vitality and activity.
always tired, putting off work for later, lethargy, refusal to meet with friends, passiveness, slowness of speech and movements. br>

1. Noticeable eating disorders.
- loss of appetite and weight loss more than 5% during the month.
- Strong overeating and drastic weight gain

2. Pronounced sleep disturbance.
- the Reduction in sleep time (earlier revival was impossible to sleep), or
- Hypersomnia (constant sleepiness, very long sleep)

3. Low self-esteem, bountiful memories of past failures, a pessimistic assessment of the future, ideas of self-accusation.

4. Impaired memory, thinking and concentration.

absent-Mindedness, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate on reading books, movies, and other domestic Affairs. Confusion where previously it was not, the feeling of helplessness, etc.

5. Suicidal thoughts and actions.

6. Daily fluctuations of mood and status (morning – consistently bad in the evening – a little better)

7. Anxiety, fears, migrating bodily pain of unknown origin.

now imagine the following scene:
... a Child draws. He takes a white sheet of paper, brush and paint. He experiments with colors. It interferes with blue and yellow and is funny gets green. Wash the brush in a glass, mix red and white. Color is similar to strawberry ice cream. The child is passionate about finding new combinations. He mixes the paint faster, taking more of the flowers and the water in which you dip a brush, it is becoming dirtier. Now on paper instead of the bright combinations are only ugly dark spots. The child doesn't want to draw. He crushes the leaves and throw them away. Instead of joy comes the shame, sadness and anger. Mood hopelessly flawed. In order that the child wanted to paint, take time and proper support. And a lot of efforts in order to enjoy both the process and the outcome.

the Symptoms appear one after another, first in the form of light, then uteruses. Depressed mood is often associated with life's troubles, lethargy – fatigue, lack of initiative, laziness, trouble with gamy character. And only 2-3 months, and then six months later, relatives are beginning to sound the alarm. Sometimes professionals turn had forced, after a suicide attempt...

I do not want to make this article long. The attentive reader already understood the basic idea.

that's Why I still write a FEW WORDS ABOUT the TREATMENT, and have it over with.
1. Please do not diagnose and do not treat the depression on your own. Go to a specialist. Not all apathy and fatigue are signs of depression. Such a diagnosis you can put only a doctor. br>
2. Please do not be afraid of experts. No one without your consent "will not cover you in the nuthouse". This happens only in the case if you pose a serious threat to the life and health of his or others, or are in such bad condition that it is absolutely helpless and can not afford in any way to take care of. That is, if you their feet reached the doctor's office, clearly to talk to him, you just prescribe appropriate treatment and sent home.

3. The main directions of treatment of depression is medication and psychotherapy. Moreover, antidepressants are assigned only in 10-15% of cases, when we are talking about a very serious condition, chronic and prolonged or endogenous depression (caused by metabolic disturbances, in particular, to the generation and motion of serotonin). Moreover, modern antidepressants are not addictive and do not "transform a person into a vegetable."
If in your case we are talking about exogenous depression, caused by the unfortunate confluence of external circumstances (prolonged stress, trauma, grief), you will be offered some time to work with a psychologist. br>
4. Show maximum patience and support to ill. Remember, what's happening with him is NOT lazy and NOT a whim. It is not necessary to make him "plow and let it be". Correctly selected therapy, a good attitude and time – and someone close to you will again enjoy life. br>
5. And depression is treatable. The horror, anxiety, depression, mediocrity - not forever. br>
that was it. I'm not going to write about the different theories of causes of depression, about the alleged internal conflicts, personality characteristics, ways of upbringing and other factors leading to this disease. Every person is unique. I have not seen two similar stories. And here is a tragic story, alas, have much in common. br>
And let depression says a lot, as long as in ordinary families, not to learn to recognize in time, psychologists and psychotherapists will write about it. And this is correct.

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Emshanova Natalia
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