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Let's talk about relationships, about love... and about the phrase that someone hears and someone says in a relationship.

this Phrase sounds like this: "Prove your love to me!"

someone such a promise will cause irritation or outrage, someone will want to go on about it and start doing something. Let's try to understand what this phrase can be spoken, and to whom it is characteristic.

First of all, it is worth noting that when we ask for something prove, no matter what - we would make it clear that "I don't believe you, or doubt you and your feelings, but I want you to convince me in reverse (that love is)".

And then there are different options that person "forced" to say it like this:

1) anyone who says this phrase doesn't believe he can love all the positive manifestations in your address questioned constantly live with an inner conflict between the desire to be loved and feeling that love him (her) no way;

2) People who says, "Prove your love to me" this message is trying to manipulate another person to get him "for good reasons" to do what he (she) do not want to infringe, to understate their own importance in the pair.

This is perhaps the key motivations for someone to demand some proof of love.

If this phrase is addressed to you, you should think and ask yourself why you need to prove anything. Note that if the partner requires evidence now, it is unlikely that it will not be required.

do you constantly have to prove something, to be subjected to manipulation, to put the whims and desires of another person above their own, or those who do not believe, put his (her) feelings into question?

In that case, if you were the person that always want some kind of confirmation from a partner - it makes sense to think that even the most lovelorn people can not constantly and with enthusiasm to you to prove something. And if you don't start to deal with their insecurities, with their internal contradictions, with its desire to control another person to manipulate - you will bring these attitudes to their finals.

Because the relationship between two people is not proof of something to each other, it's not about manipulation or sacrifice, "one - sided" - it's more about harmony in the energy exchange, and harmony in communication, having own space for each of the partners, mutual help and care about each other. In such relations there is no place for to someone something to prove!

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