Проверка на верность


In this article we will talk about situations where one partner decides to test just how loyal the second partner, creating a compromising situation.

I'll write about situations when a woman checks the man, but what I think, exactly the same happens when you change roles.

Personally I am deeply convinced that no checks are needed, because life is long and varied. All situations in which man must prove himself, will happen, and the people in them will manifest. In addition, I believe, about the simulated situation does not represent the human behavior in a real situation, and now I will explain why.

so, let's imagine a couple that is in a relationship, which is considered to be confidential, close, strong. And one day, she decides to test whether her choice is good? Would it be safe to say that he will not get away from her Flirty beauty? Whether he is worthy of her trust?

And then she can choose one of the paths.

1. Pretending to be another girl to write to your boyfriend in a social network with the account you face and name will charm anyone. Flirt with him and to praise, admire, and entice. And when he would reciprocate, to reveal all the cards.

My opinion: even hiding his face behind a different face, hiding the name, communicating by text, it remains itself. And somewhere slips her unique individuality. If we were talking about a personal meeting, the specific features of the ladies revealed in the intonation and facial expressions, smell and energy. In the text otherwise, but also something to eat.

in Other words, without knowing it, the guy back in love with his girlfriend, though under an assumed name. If you fell in love, of course.

So the test is not reliable.

2. Asked to accompany friend, the girl is waiting for news of how easily her boyfriend reached out to someone else's body.

My opinion: if he reciprocates, he says in pretend sympathy. No matter, it passed such a test or not. If in real life he will fall into a similar, but real, situation, everything may turn out quite differently. Because feelings are real, and not because a friend decided to play along.

Sincerity is not recognized, but wonderful feeling.

And in both cases, are the questions.

  • Where is your confidence?
  • What kind of relationship in which she so does not trust the guy?
  • How can he believe her if she exposed him to such tests?

it Seems to me, in a pair of all have been not smooth at all, and someone just looking for a reason for separation.

And, again, the test is not reliable. Be sincere.

Grunka Marina
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