Психологические причины переедания


the Causes of overeating not just biological. Not only genes, inactivity and metabolism affect our weight.

There are two causes of excess weight. The second group of psychological. There are two markers that point to the given group.
1. A strong relationship abundant meals and moods: for example, the dessert changes depression happy.
2. The same relationship between stress and episodes of overeating: nervous - stuck - let go.

the Third group of causes of social. We may resist the awareness of these reasons, meanwhile, they seriously affect our eating behavior. Big boss looks more representative of the full female gives less cause for jealousy, a plentiful festive table tells about the kindness and hospitality of the hosts...

do you think you get to decide what to eat, or the choice is unconscious?

If the person is at a certain point, suddenly decides that his life is something wrong, it means that earlier he was not aware of what he was doing. If you don't like your figure, you feared for your health, so before you didn't realize your food habits.

what, then, determined by your nutrition? Food preferences are determined by family traditions and society, religious ideas, emotional experiences, and other personal reasons. Simply put, you love the cake not just because it delicious, but because your character frequently choose to eat a delicious cake.

for Example to celebrate something. While others may choose a party. Or to cheer yourself up. While others may choose a SPA.

In my practice there are cases when customers gained weight, unable to cope with the loss of a loved one. In these cases, food could replace the lost source of warmth and care. And the food helped to cope with anger, which is hard to admit in such a situation.

the Same causes of weight gain by young people when they leave the parental nest. I gained about 10 kilos, when he left his native city to study at the Institute. Inner emptiness can become the reason of overeating for women after divorce.

also, from our experience we can identify the relationship of overeating and nervous. It is impossible to Express the anger of disgruntled boss. But you can do it, crunching the nuts, tearing off teeth pieces of meat. You can't calm down after a busy day. And with a full stomach it is faster.

All these ways of dealing with emotions was learned in childhood when we are in any difficult situation or as a reward were given candy. So now we use them often neosoznanno.

Helen BOS
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