Psy - specialist and the client


Psy - professionals and clients

"And carry me away these books, as they read up end — so just think: well if this writer has become your best friend and to possible to talk on the phone whenever you want." D. Salinger

I Wonder what would change if this quote is to replace the writer onpsy- specialist? Actually happens all the same. You'll call the client, when You begin to speak his language.  Friendly or friendly. But how to communicate its value to the customer? How to attract customer to work?


1) Free  initial consultation.

it is Important to remember that civilization arose because of a mutually beneficial cooperation. And money preceded commodity exchange, in which people were getting valuable for each participant in the exchange of things. The basis of money is value. On the street try to hand out money to everyone who asks. How to determine who really needs? Yes, there are charities and volunteer activities. And real assistance you can provide to real people, but not everyone. Initial free advice is advantageously carried out after reviewing the application form potential client. And when you sell a series of consultations at a high price. The client is able to pay for the publicity for the consultation or session. This applies to honest video reviews or content for training. Also it should  be asked to do volunteer work someone who requires charity from You.  People will be much more likely to answer no. And, Yes, it should be entered in the Red Book, so they are not lost in the background - no. And keep ready the list of social organizations, saying, Yes, anyone who appeals to You.

2) Reviews, videos, articles, stories about clients with their permission or other social proof of your expertise.  

Reviews best to replace interview = for the preservation of the structure and a clear understanding of the result of the potential customers.

the history of customer or client cases also have a certain effect. Write when allowed.

the Video work very well, but for the filming of strong content and specific skills video.

the Publication written in the client language = useful tips, in-depth consideration of specific topics or a list of adapted literature = the perfect solution!

You are free to choose one of the options to promote or to use all at once, allowing a potential client to say - Yes - again and again - until he says Yes to Your proposal.

3) Marathons, psychotherapeutic groups, and other public events.

the Equation is trivial. The more audience, the more potential customers. The closer the interaction, the more warmed up the audience, and therefore potential clients will be real. And let me tell You - Yes.

4) Cooperation with experts in the related professions.

the Cooperation with specialists of related professions in the first place means a ready customer base. And is the exchange of customers. But Your main task - to confirm your expertise and build rapport. A specialist will tell You Yes. And customers will tell You - Yes - already in absentia.

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