Psychological adaptation. The transformation of the preschooler schoolboy.


Psychological adaptation. The transformation of the preschooler schoolboy.

it would Seem, it is clear that age-related changes occur gradually: before you go out, the child learns to sit, crawl, stand up; before you speak – makes sounds, makes individual sounds, pieces of words.

At the same time, 1 Sep shrouded in the haze of magic, and miraculous transformations, and adults often expect a preschooler yesterday woke up today a serious student. However, it is also a long process that will take not only the first year of study, but the entire elementary school.

the first Grader is a man that combines the needs of the preschooler and schoolchild at a time.

To "transformation" took place harmoniously, we need the help of adults.

the Child is the strength to be a "student" in the classroom, with homework, work on the instructions of the teacher.

however, he has the right to be the "preschool" at home, for example, play your favorite games - treat it with understanding.

When parents clearly manifest indignation: "this adult, and all playing games," then the child gets trapped between their needs to "be small" and the desire "to be good" in the eyes of important adults.

the Game is good as a safe space, playing difficult emotional situations for a child. It is important to praise both for success in school, and at play.

If you have a favorite toy that a child does not want to leave, should be allowed to take her with me to school. May need to get in the class, but it will support a sense of security at a first grader.

Game activity will gradually lose its relevance - do not try to accelerate this process

About how to support the desire of first grader learn to tell in the following article. #psycomfort

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