Psychological assistance to families with teenagers


the Frequency of requests for psychological help related to their adolescence, much higher than the frequency of psychological consultation on the problems arising from parents of children of other age groups.

Expanding the repertoire of queries from the problems first, and often unrequited, love, relationship conflict, and inadequate self-esteem to substance abuse, alcoholism and suicide.

Features of counseling families with adolescents are:

  • Lack of motivation in adolescents, which led parents to a specialist, willing it to change something, while the teenager may not even know where and why they invited him.
  • Often the cause of the existing problems parents see only teenager who plays the role of the identified patient (in psychology — the "identified patient" — family member (often child), deviant behavior and psychological problems which are the direct reason for the family to the psychologist). However, the family is a holistic system, and disorders of behavior in adolescents is marked dysfunction of the entire family.

Counseling adolescents and their families, the psychologist relies on the psychological normative task of the age:

— separation from parents and gaining independence and self-reliance;

— to overcome the crisis of identity ("identity");

— a new stage of socialization among peers, based on establishing a deeper emotional relationships outside the family;

— the growing acceptance of sexuality.

Problems encountered in teenagers, often related to the:

— relationships with their peers;

-relations with persons of the opposite sex;

— relationship with parents;

— relationship with teachers;

issues of realization of the self;

— ability to learn;

— need to find a way out of any difficult situation psychologically.

As a rule, on initial reception invited by the parent seeking psychological help. It is also important parish on the advice of the other parent and the teenager.

There are several options:

Option 1.

Both parent and teen ask for advice. If parents are aware of the difficulties arising in the family in connection with the maturity of the child, the appropriate form of psychological help for the family business.

Option 2.

the Teenager and parents seek help, but the problem lies not in their relationship, and the complexities of a teenager outside the family (e.g., communicating with peers, teachers). The work is carried out by a teenager. Parents can be invited to the consultation separately from the child.

Option 3.

the Parent asks for psychological help for problems of the child, but reports that the child is not motivated to cooperate with the psychologist. In this situation we are talking about the violation of relationships and lack of trust between parent and child. In such a situation are advised to meet separately with the teenager and parent. The psychologist finds out the reasons of the ambivalent feelings of the child, clarifies the nature of the discontent of the parent. At the same time, the psychologist perjorative teen for more candid interaction with a parent. After that, the most adequate joint counseling.

Option 4.

a Parent calls about issues of the child, but it turns out that the psychological help he needs. When the child reaches adolescence, parents may become relevant such phenomena as separation anxiety, fear of being alone the fear of impending old age, but also with their own unresolved adolescent issues (separation from the parental family and the acquisition of identity). In this situation, the necessary psychological work with the parent.

Option 5.

Complete loss of contact and trust between the teenager and parents. The child refuses to go to a psychologist, because all adults perceived as persecutors. In such a situation consultations are held with parents during which the primary objective is the detection and correction of the parent to such child's behavior.


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