Psychological distance.


Psychological distance.

This is a very mysterious value, determined more at the level of intuition, feelings and emotions than by rational means.

of Course, there are attempts to find a correlation between the real spatial distance and psychological distance, but I think that this correlation is not quite describes what is happening.

that's Why I don't see the point to measure psychological distance in the usual logical way.

nevertheless, psychological distance is a very important concept in the analysis of a relationship.

to determine what is psychological distance assume that there is some condition in communication . in the dialogue the most optimal and comfortable for the participants .

Call it the optimal psychological distance

Now suppose that the partner, the interlocutor as something closed, moved away, shifted the focus of attention, then people have the discomfort , the fear of rejection and the desire to get closer.

otherwise , associate that it begins to intrude too to focus, maybe even demand, that again there is a feeling of discomfort , but the fear is already absorption and the desire to leave.

so , psychological distance value is not absolute , but relative and is determined through a feeling of comfort-discomfort and fear of rejection or absorption.

Based on this understanding psychological distance it is convenient to analyze the dynamics and some of the processes in close relationships.

you Should pay attention how and by what psychological distance may change. From the proposed definition of convergence might occur due to the reduction of fear acquisition, fear that can be influenced, to give himself and his actions the power of fear that can use the resources in the interests of others. This fear is reduced by any warranty , and most importantly developing trust and sympathy. The second point influencing the convergence is encountered curiosity to a partner, as well as the interest that can be satisfied by the resources of a partner or of a joint venture. Then there is the incentive to overcome the fear of absorption. The convergence may occur because of the greater fear of rejection that can occur including in the background with respect to this relationship, for example , from the loss of other important relationship.

If to speak about dynamics of increasing psychological distance, fear of rejection should decrease, which is due to : loss or reduction of interest, of trust, of sympathy, of curiosity. Separate item you can put a conscious process of separation, when the interest is saved and the fear of rejection is strong, but people deliberately take to increase psychological distance.

In the following article, I will present their thoughts on some of the dynamic processes associated with psychological distance.

Sergey Alexandrov
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