Psychological game, what is it?


Psychological game that is?

May be , the cottage? fact that have you are at birth:

  1. the Desire to live.
  2. the Desire to know yourself, personality, fashion.
  3. a Desire to Express, discern their mission in this world.
  4. Just a resource for themselves, for others, for the world.
  5. maybe a form of psychological work on yourself?

Playing the transformational game: "Psychoudaki" we thought about human values, investigated their identities, asking the questions: "Who am I?" "What can I be?" "How is the part of personality that is responsible for the weight gain? How come to a decision?", "Do we need a strong will?"

the Participants in the game helps gaming platform "Portrait in full growth". The inner world in your hand! Are included all volitional qualities: determination, discipline, endurance, initiative, creative process, activity.

during the game, understand the signs of determination and initiative: ability to identify and take aim, to see the way to plan the main stages of activities, to realize its goals, inventions, rationalization of the plans. But "rationalization" is a mechanism very important psychological defense mechanism, which controls its own behavior or the many decisions that have unconscious reasons.

Effortlessly, the participants evaluated the image of "I", using psycho-diagnostic drawing test "draw the story" and Express the feelings associated with a history of trauma in childhood, assess their emotional state, cognitive sphere. The test "draw the story" is based on the idea that drawings with a strong negative theme may reflect a negative attitude towards yourself and low self-esteem manifested a sense of humor self-deprecating nature, weak requirements.

Interestingly, girls and women with emotional disabilities seeking to reduce body weight, less prone to psychological therapy than emotionally balanced, purposeful girl.

each psychological transformation game teaches the creation of inner balance, harmony, cognitive functions, feelings and emotions.

Quality of life in your hands.


Svetlana Tikhonova
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