Psychological help. What can help a psychologist.

let's Start with the fact that every man potentially has all the resources necessary to solve problems. Another issue is that he (man) does not always knows about them and can use them. Sometimes there are situations and conditions when a person cannot cope with the emerging psychological difficulties ( or it seems that can not) can not understand yourself or your child to set goals, lose the meaning of life, can not make the right decision, or there are family problems.

And sometimes : bad, bleak, melancholy and gloom That in such situations it is better to consult a professional psychologist for help. You can, of course, to speak out and cry to a friend in the kitchen for a glass of tea. Relief will surely come. But it is only temporary, and if there is indeed a problem in such a way as not to allow.

Yes, we decided not to go to a psychologist. For a variety of reasons. It's a shame ( what am I, a moron), is expensive, time consuming. But think, is your soul, your mental well being don't deserve to take care of them in the same way as the physical body? Calculate how much you spend on food ( not bread with butter, and the delicacies and culinary delights), how many for drugs, paid appointments, etc. In comparison with these costs the fee for counseling is quite reasonable. And remember that many diseases of the body are closely related to actual mental state of the person.

the Psychologist does not provide recipes for happiness. And the number of tips is inversely proportional to the level of his professionalism. psychologist's Task is to optimize the process at any stage, improving the quality of life. the Specifics of professional psychological help is its voluntary nature, that is, the man himself has to come to the specialist. A psychologist usually works with mentally healthy people, so do not confuse it with a psychiatrist who deals with the treatment of mental disorders. A psychologist is not a doctor, he has no right to prescribe drugs. Do not be afraid or ashamed of psychologists. Almost all people in different periods of time are experiencing psychological difficulties and spiritual crises. For example, statistics show that 10% of our population suffer from depression, and every 3rd at least once in her life felt.

As a psychologist working at the request of the client, before going for a consultation, you should carefully consider what you want to get a result. Goals should be realistic. In achieving this goal, how to marry a millionaire or get a large inheritance, a psychologist won't help you. Except that a mage or a wizard.

one More thing. As in medicine, in psychology, psychotherapy and the law: the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. So if you feel you can't cope with the situation, you are experiencing psychological discomfort, ceased to enjoy life and requires the intervention of a third person, do not delay your appointment with the therapist. The sooner you contact a specialist, the better and faster the treatment.

so, in which cases should be referred to a psychologist. If you have:

1. Anxiety, depression, fears, neuroses, obsessive thoughts.

2. Psychological trauma, crisis, grief, loss of a loved one.

3. The loss of meaning of life, the feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness.

4. Panic attacks.

5. Aggressiveness or thoughts of suicide.

6. A heightened sense of guilt, the feeling of loneliness.

7. Problems in relationships with children.

8. Shyness, lack of confidence, problems in communicating, establishing contacts.

9. Problems in interpersonal and family relationships.

10. Difficulties in establishing intimate relationships.

11. Sexual problems.

12. Uncertainty in decision-making and selection purposes.

13. Psychosomatic disorders, sleep disturbances, weight problems.

14. A divorce situation, of the conflict.

15. You can't understand yourself or to understand the other person.

16. You need a psychological diagnosis.

17. Protransilvania.

18. Different kinds of dependencies.

19. You want to change something in yourself.

How many sessions need? Each person is different. Can be quite and the 1st session. If the person is in severe depression or prolonged neurosis, you will need repeated visits to a psychologist. It all depends on your problems and your condition, and your desire.

Sadena Marina E.

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