Want to share with you its another fake idea... And, it concerns the psychological support of the elderly and people whose lives burst in terrible medical diagnosis.

I wondered what exactly the help they need, and what and from whom can accept as a help... Not an easy question, especially the last part...

So, in fact, able to brighten up their loneliness and relieve mental anguish? That gave them hours or even minutes of peace and serenity? Can I to do something for these people?

And I thought I found the answer. I know someone who has all the necessary resources to assist such people. It's A Horse. I'm not just writing this word with a capital letter. Believe me, I have enough for this reason.

I decided that maybe can become to sick and elderly people a guide to the magical world behind the mirror... Decided... and I did... I bought a horse... Now that's a Friend and fellow therapist!

And now, I write these lines to let you know! The results exceeded all my expectations!

For starters, I want to say a few words about Horses. First, they are hypersensitive and observant. Secondly- give instant feedback in response to emotions and mood. When a person is close to such big, strong and sometimes unpredictable animals, he connects his primal instincts of self-preservation and out of the "autopilot" mode of vigilance, listening to your feelings.

a Real gift from horses is that horses do not know how to lie! And you'll have to look the truth in the face! br>

the Horse is just a Mirror. You have right to look at his reflection in the face of the horse, if a person wants to learn to be the Master of yourself and consciously change their energy state.

If a person is tense, and his condition emits emotions, negativity, fears, the Horse will go from him, to ignore his signals until then, until it "warmer". Horses are taught to be strong energetically charged beings, but to remain calm, confidence and kindness!

And when a person pats or hugs the horse, he can experience that same feeling of love, which he lacked in childhood or at another important time of life, and thus to adjust the old psychological trauma.

Elderly people are experiencing with the horse invaluable experience of adoption. The horse is not fondled for food. Man begins to realize pretty quickly that the interesting horse HE is. The horse feels somehow out its mission and performs it with pride. Yes. Horses are proud of their "work". Being in the life of an irrepressible and playful, with older people they are calm and attentive.

But the most wonderful is the Love and patience of the Horses. Horse can mess with a man until he see the light and not grope the threads, which are flowing his energy.

Horses are able to breathe Life into People! Horses are able to breathe faith in yourself!

Thanks for "listening" me. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So I had to share with you my discovery. Although it has long been known... But I met a Horse just now...

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