I Remember almost joking with my classmate 30 years ago. I invited her to the disco to dance, and she said to me: "what, I can't, I'm already married and their dance". When she happily offered to go dancing with her husband, she looked at me as if I asked her something very indecent.

And this is my first time inside was astonished that change their female counterparts. We were like creatures from different planets seems to be both married, both polished and energetic. But suddenly somehow, in the language of spun:"It is dull and boring, like an old lady".

50 Years ago, women in the second half of his life consistently looked 10 years older than their husbands. And men in them at this age rather seen the mother of his children, the mistress of the house, the assistant in the country than the woman wanted to go for a walk or just to talk sincerely.

of Course, exceptions existed, but it was indeed the exceptions that confirm the General rule: "a Young girl should be cheerful and happy until she got married. Then it is not necessary. And just then she had to learn to be invisible carer for their children and grandchildren."

How was it possible to determine the psychological age of these women? Rather, more according to their physical deterioration. Ie, if the husband somehow helped, carrying heavy bags of food, sometimes washing the floor and took out the garbage, his wife was able to get enough sleep and physically relax. So there was a chance her beauty not so fast to fade, and the Shine in the eyes not so quick to fade.

But in the mass it was a huge army bezposrednich, weary life and family responsibilities of women, which often of the girls immediately turned to aunts or grandmothers. Ie, by and large, the wait staff bezvozvratnyy for their husbands, and then children and grandchildren.

Now something seems to have changed.

Modern women do not exhaust the economy, they often lead an active life to a ripe old age, at their disposal all the achievements of modern cosmetology and plastic surgery.


Modern women are somehow very different look. It's just evident when you find yourself in any public place. Age of women is not determined immediately, but sometimes it is and do not want to determine you just want to smile looking at charm and enthusiasm. But sometimes, the exact opposite, I am surprised some kind of weird mismatch. Like, ahead of you young girl, only it looks like something is not quite young.

So why do some women seem eternally youthful and charismatic, while others are seen as a fading flower: with sympathy and regret.

"somehow it is very difficult and individually" - you say. There are also genetics, character, and in General, a woman can be a difficult period in life.

All it not absolutely so.

of Course, there are objective reasons why a woman may look like something not very much, or on the contrary very well. And there are subjective reasons that we, as outside observers, even once, and not to explain. It's like a good mood. Most of us know when it is good and when not. But to explain why it is sometimes very difficult. And with the perception of female age. You just know that this woman you seem younger and more interesting than the other. And it's just a statement of fact, not always subject to objective analysis.

so let's understand. And let's agree that in our analysis we will not consider in detail questions of a medical nature. Ie, I propose to consider to a greater extent psychological causes and subjective perception.

I would start here.

the modern woman is very difficult life. And the first half of a woman's life is some kind of particularly complicated.

any modern woman a large mandatory program. As a young modern woman, this mandatory program is doubly difficult.

what is the matter?

a Woman for a very long time fought for their rights, and they were mostly young women, who, of course wanted in the first place, realize their potential, and not compete with men. But happened what happened.

the Woman was with her, received in terrible pain, was originally a male field.

What does the woman win?

It should be on par with a man to get a good education, then find work and start a career. And if in some matters, like the place in public transport, men brought up in such a way that they are willing to give a place a woman of any age, in matters of education and career men is not just not ready to give up anything to the woman, but exactly the opposite – at every opportunity I remind you that they are mostly smarter and more successful than women.

Well, in any case, men so often I think...

as far As men are really smarter and more successful is, of course, unverified fact, but men are definitely more aggressive in matters of career. And at every opportunity in a very rigid form ready to remind the woman that work and career is, in General, men's world, where man to man is easier to understand each other and negotiate, even if they compete hard and fight for power.

the Raven crow does not eat dog.

But what is here given to the woman?

I Think from the point of view of men – no. She's a foreign element. If you manage to somehow fit in and adapt, then – well done. And if not – then let expostulates on itself. Why go to where your name is.

the woman, incidentally, is among those men will choose her husband, and somehow manage to have the children.

In General, it is very difficult for modern women task in the first half of life.

So the first assumption you can make about the reasons that affect the psychological age of a woman is her physical and psychological stress.

that is, if the woman takes on too many different loads that it can not afford, it is instantly reflected on its psychological age.

But, unfortunately, the woman is often pressure from society that requires the full involvement, achievements and career of delights, on the other hand, there is the pressure of the stereotypes of the family and of the woman.

But the question remains: "How to determine what load a woman, and what - not?"

Here we detail and discuss in next time.

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