I sit quietly in silence...
Close my eyes and understand that I am tired.
I will say to myself privately,
I'll be happy, come what may!..

So what is psychological problems? What is meant by psychological problems? It is a condition where you experience discomfort in any situation.

for Example, you don't want to be offended, but offended. Don't want to be angry, but be angry, not want to blame yourself or the other person, but blame. I don't want to be afraid of. Offended by someone who has no sense offended. Fear what they need not fear. That is, you do what you don't want to do. Scandals in the shop because of a trifle angry in the subway, yell at the neighbors. Or Vice versa you don't do what I would like. Would you like to do the construction, and you do music. Mom said, and you reluctantly did not say anything, but so wanted to build something you need yourself. But your family think that music is noble to do. There is another option, it's pretend that you do not touch it. yelled At you head, this worthless man has spoiled you, but you pretend that everything is in order, suppress any desire to answer.

All this is happening automatically, you have can't. Because you have repeatedly behaved in this way. What happened during this time in your brain? Neural pathways, once laid, and repeated several times already fixed, and your behavior has become a habit.

I thought that some people live their life easily and ease, and other all-time rushing around, they are constantly haunted by failure, even if it's wonderful people, not criminals, not evil, not lazy.

Everything comes from childhood, out of the deep childhood, from where we came. To be precise it starts with conception, little cell begins our biography. Even when the child is in the womb, he feels and hears. Then it is already decided how to live. This decision did not come by accident, it is due to many factors, including genetics, beliefs of parents and all previous kind, pregnancy, childbirth etc. It is in infancy we solve friendly is this world to us.

in addition, in childhood we decide what will be our relationship. Attitude I internal and I external (I-I) I and Thou (I-You) relations (I and They), and finally (I It).

In my opinion, this is represented as follows:

(I) how I perceive myself. I treat myself to a positive overall, or not. I accept yourself as you are?

(I-You) I Have good overall relationship with the inner circle people (parents, spouses, potential spouses (men or women) and children) or I think they are to blame for the fact that I was born, I was not so fond of, I do not recognize? I accept you for who you are?

(I - It) I think It to me supportive or It punishes, causes suffering. It is Destiny, God, the universe, World, etc. I am in harmony with the Higher self , Fate , the Universe , the Law of Nature?

(I – They) what is the relationship with friends, acquaintances, superiors, outsiders separately by women, men, employees, partners, government, etc. I accept, approve, appreciate or is the world against me configured, so no matter what I do, they still do not understand and do not appreciate. I am generally at peace with the World?

It was at the time of formation of the first cells of the body, creates the same special sensibility, which then lead to the core of psychological trauma - a reaction to external impact. Reaction that creates a negative-determination, leads to wrong decision, wrong feeling, wrong behavior. From the kernel appears psychological trauma, it is like the root of the weed can first not even to grow and not to grow. But as soon as appears a similar situation, the weed is quickly gaining ground and now, not only the stem, and flowers of the weed are starting to litter our garden. Not letting "grow" positive habits and emotions.

the Root of today's problems lies in our childhood, or even in the womb. If you imagine figuratively, a grain problems of hypersensitivity to a particular event, the root of the problem is the first attention to the event, stem - reaction to the event, leaves the subsequent confirming reaction, flowers, investigation of the reaction, the fruit is an incubator for new problems.

that is, for example, the Mother during pregnancy, was worried, was nervous, and this anxiety was passed on to the fetus. But this call he is only perceived as a possible World in which he will come, will not be safe. If the birth went well and baby was born healthy, he'll forget. If the birth was not easy, the child received the confirmation that this world is not friendly.

a Child sitting in the stroller, I heard a dog barking and felt worried mom. It was first call, then the child saw that the dog ran behind someone and bark, can be jumped or bit, that is, their behavior has caused concern. Now he made the wrong decision, that all dogs are dangerous.

One day he ran over a dog and just sniffed it, baby decided to avoid dogs and it was buggy behavior. When he, being already great, met a dog and felt the fear of incorrect, he decided that he was a coward. This is negative-determination. If a man will begin to drive your own inside, or added stress, or added to another wrong decision, it comes to disappointment, depression...

Psychological problems it is a disagreement or rejection of all or one of the parties of the World, Ourselves, the inner circle of the Supreme powers. If I'm right ,You're right, They're fine, It's fine, no problems for us is not terrible.

we always Have a chance, chance to change your life.

Never be afraid to change something in your life...

Sometimes it's useful...

Sometimes it is necessary.

And sometimes — very nice!!!

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