Psychological safety is in our hands?


With the advent of the Internet appear not only new opportunities, but also danger. Many sites offer to be tested. For young people it is very interesting to learn something about yourself or about your relationship. However... the tests themselves have become obsolete (and modern methods are expensive and also become obsolete with time). An important aspect of any test is validity (conformity to truth). To do this, only in Russia it is planned to organize ongoing research and validation tests. So not especially trust them, because the coefficient of validity is not specified there! Be careful when giving your consent to your network to use personal data.

As it turned out they can be used for far ignoble purposes.

less than a week since mark Zuckerberg publicly apologized for the leak of data from Facebook and the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, as the media reported new unpleasant story connected with the social network.Several Twitter users said that mobile app Facebook for Android for several years collected information about all their calls and SMS messages.

why and who needs this information? To manipulate people's minds. Do you believe that the network platform will store your data? For what? maybe for third parties?

Trust it or not – a private matter.

unfortunately, Facebook's assurances that user information is safe, sound, at least, is unconvincing, because a week ago the social network was implicated in a major scandal — Cambridge Analytica freely used the personal data of users of Facebook. (quotes by -

and who then go and complain?

If the site belongs to the Ministry official or the official state structure – is one thing. There security is to the appropriate level.

Another thing, when users simply run the tests and leave your details. As it turned out, Facebook has provided this information to the psychotechnologies. Flashed another scandal - the data about SMS messages and calls they also collect. What a "sweet candy" for those who are developing sales strategies or engaged in public relations.

it Turned out that based on running tests to identify weak areas and collect statistics that can be used to manipulate public opinion and to develop projects influential psycho.

Generally I think using knowledge of psychology and the more knowledge about a person to manipulate them at least inhumane. This knowledge is now used in psychology, consumer behavior, marketing to increase sales, and the need for a better understanding of consumers and forming relationships to new goods and services, but in accordance with human needs. The possibility of manipulation of human consciousness that is widely used for trainings of questionable orientation.

we all Have one weakness to cope with their anxiety (the feeling of life and reality), we too believe in logic, and easily discard the irrational (feelings). Any logical reasoning is necessarily affected to a standstill, says so and shows Camus ("the Myth of Sisyphus"), we too believe in the true Aristotelian reasoning, but the truth is might not belong to the statement and it shows Heidegger ("Being and time).

Knowing that the logical construct could be designed to influence people and their own choices, dishonest companies use this to their advantage.

So before you carry out a harmless test or write your data who knows where or what for – well think.......
take Care of your security....
Plotnikova Olga
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