Psychological service in school for middle and senior level
(grades 7-11).

Psychological service in school is a combination of several areas:

  • Diagnostics (self-destructive behavior, career guidance, stress during exams).
  • Correctional-developing work (group training sessions with students included in the risk group) according to the results of diagnostics.
  • Consultations (teachers, students, parents, administration).
  • Educational work (maintenance of class hours, extra-curricular activities, participation in parent-teacher meetings, pedagogical meetings)
  • Participation in the councils of prevention, social patronage

In General, a psychologist working in the triad student+parents+teacher (administration), in which each has an effect on each other. Request to the psychologist may follow from any of the parties. It is worth considering that the interaction in the triad occurs systemically, it means the influence of one side to the other two automatically. If you change the behavior of the student, automatically change their behavior and the parents and teachers. And changing the attitude of the teacher about the behavior of the student, this may lead to a change of deviation last.nbsp;
Therefore it is necessary to examine the situation systematically, figuring out the situation with the parents (as the child lives in what conditions, what kind of relationship with your parents as it feeds), as well as with the teacher (what is the personality of the teacher, what kind of relationship with the student and parents).
Therefore, more complete circuit can be summarized as follows:

a Psychologist is included in this system and their behavior begins to affect all of its links. More efficient method of operation, when the attention is not only the issue with the student, but in conjunction with the teacher (administration) and parents. The student also has another system of relations, which directly affects his life and behavioral responses:

In the process of working with the students of the school will help the study of the personal file, where you can find information about family composition, achievement of the 1st class (final grades per year), well, if there is a social map where is the psychological characteristic of the child, as well as all the social aspects of student life.

In  the work will also help the study of the personal life of a student – viewing its profiles in the social. networks, meeting with friends, watching the life of the class. One factor that can help a psychologist – figuring out who was the class teacher in primary school and who is now. The psychological portrait of a teacher, finding-out of relations with clients it will help in clarifying the reasons why the child has been in this situation. Thus, we get the new system:                                                     
We see that in a systemic review of the relationship of the student it is quite a broad picture, which includes a large number of people that influence the life and behavior of the student. The psychologist should take into account this factor, even if not to take it to work, then to understand.

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