Psychological trauma - the hidden terror deep within


psychological Trauma

Most people know what is injured and what to do and who to contact for help. It's only natural: when the child falls and injures his knee, he reacted to the pain and asks for help if it difficult to cope alone. Children often cry from pain, or she's very expressive and they Express so need help. With time the wound heals and that the knee could still be a lot of abrasions and wounds, which in adulthood we often recall with a smile and nostalgia for childhood.

But there are other injuries that are not noticeable usually eyes, sometimes even his own. Trauma is heavy and strong exposure to a stressful situation, which the mind is not able to overcome the usual ways. The failure of the psyche can be explained by her immaturity in childhood or sense of the helplessness of man before the threat to his life or psychological integrity. People don't immediately explain what happened. For example, in children during the violence against them from adults and often their loved ones psyche mosaic "cuts out" a piece of the picture of incest. The child can memorize the pattern on the carpet, or even some innocuous detail of the complete picture of violence, all the rest is forced out of the conscious part of the psyche and lives there like a separate life.

Why is it so hard 5-year-old girl to tell her parents (significant and close people, who are obliged to protect their child) that a neighbor from the house opposite the chocolate lured her to his apartment, forced to undress, touch its member, and to imagine this candy? She was very embarrassed, as she describes their childhood experiences now, she was afraid that mother would to scold her because she went to the apartment to "alien uncle". When the yard police arrived, she, plucking up courage, approached them and said that uncle of 5 flats bad, he lured her home section, but it did not continue to listen to her story only amused them.

How often do we, adults, appreciate the experiences of children, considering them an invention, a figment of the children's imagination. But when we were kids we were promised better and more attentive to their children, to be more sensitive to their needs, but we have grown up and have forgotten a lot, including about their promises.

psychological Trauma is indescribable heartache that is impossible to convey verbally. This is a piece of strong emotional turmoil, hidden from our psyche somewhere in the far chest of the subconscious. It is very hard to get to because the trunk is closed tightly for rusty locks... ( to be continued). br>

Olga Mucha
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