Psychological work and the result


recently on the forum began to appear frequently threads about the result.
Here's the latest:

"are you Honest in predicting an outcome?"

"What can you give for one meeting?"

I already wrote my opinion in one of them and decided to write about this in more detail.
Here it is necessary to separate psychological work on non-medical psychotherapy ( medical-doctors) and psychological counseling. And its subspecies and psychological support.
What are the guarantees and what kind of result is possible in each.
Psychotherapy ( psycho-correction) is directed to the fact that the customer begins to better understand themselves, their strengths of personality. As well as is aware what creates certain difficulties in life.
It can be installed, beliefs, traits, etc.
the Psychologist can ensure selection of the right methods for the job.
But the result depends on the client whether he wants to change these settings, adjust traits. Because it needs to perform tasks that exercise.
So often psychologists and write on the site that everyone carries their share of responsibility for the result.

Psychological counseling.
Here the work is carried out for a specific situation - the request.
Again, the psychologist, after hearing the client decides that you can apply in a particular case.
Sometimes it's just enough of the conversation.
Psychologist asks questions and answering them, the client becomes clear where the answer to his problem.
Sometimes just the conversation is not enough, a psychologist uses certain methods in order that the client came to the realization and decision making.

the Third type is psychological support ( support).
This species is often claimed, when the client has serious health problems.
In this case, the psychologist helps the person cope with difficulties associated with the illness, supports it, helps to find resources for better adaptation in the society.
there may be different results - better communication with others, the man finds a job with given his state, to improve relations in the family.

As you can see in all cases the result is a joint work of the psychologist and client.
the Psychologist uses its resources - knowledge, experience with similar cases, client your - motivation on the decision of the request.

As always ready to answer your questions.

Nina Borisovna
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