Psychological work with the request to withdraw the TOTAL IRRITATION

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a Little analysis of one of the most frequent psychological query: "I have nothing and no love! Annoys me everything - my family, my environment, my life!"

1. The first thing you should start in case of any psychological difficulties – to try to accept yourself such what You are, with all their current difficulties, problems and questions... You are a living person, and therefore entitled to any searches, dead ends and mistakes...

I will Say more: You have the right to virtually any life decision, every choice: to leave or to stay, to change their circumstances or to overcome the current difficulties, to change the attitude to the situation, or try to outgrow it, and so on... But remember: every right to choice is responsible for its results, but for every perfect choice in a specific result... Agree?

2. Now then... the Dislike and irritation usually find some dissatisfaction in life... Try to answer the following question: WHAT is IT?!...

in Answering this General question, think about it.

- What in your life now, not the way You want?

- Why it happened? What led to this state of Affairs?

- And most importantly - how to change developed for the benefit of themselves that the irritation became less and life satisfaction more?!...

I Have some General tips on the subject. Please consider...

- Often our irritation is due to a lack of self-realization. Full realization of life can not (should not) be annoying. We miss him when wasting time, stagniruet, and then begin to angry at life in General (although we usually not happy with their current circumstances, which are not as we would like, and so, as we allow).

Irritation can be associated with the opposite cause – excessive workload. In this case, alive, sparkling, joy-filled life as if passing by, as we realize it is only their obligations and responsibilities to someone...

That is, weighing the first and the next position, let us note, in all good measure, the balance.

- But most importantly, what can and should assume in the case of this psychological request the following: a total irritation can be a consequence of the fact that You are not his, but someone else's life. In the sense of implement not their and others ' requirements and interests. In this case, You should engage in serious self-exploration and understanding of the following: what in your life is YOURS, and what is NOT YOURS, that is prescribed by someone else?! In this regard, ask yourself the following questions:

- what, in your opinion, would make your life happier, better?

- what did You dream about in pakostnichat and childhood? (responds whether those ideas now?);

- how to attract happiness in your personal life? (list the steps);

is that your understanding reflects the concept of "true HAPPINESS"?

- what exactly You would like for yourself – both in the profession and in the human sense?

3. And third, we must learn every day, not wait for tomorrow, to find and implement some definitely positive (for You personally) resources. Though tiny, but effective, work in... Find and draw out, replacing his irritation with the energies of another order...

In this regard, think about what You deliver (and delivered) an indispensable pleasure in life? What business classes? Allow yourself these regular joy. They will banish your anger, distract from unpleasant thoughts, to fill your inner space powerful, positive charge...


his irritation, resentment and anger is to start make

- then deal with them (that is, understand their causes, sources),

- and then release in eco-friendly form, implementing desirable for itself, the scenarios and methods of life.

In one of my publications I have described the technique of independent work with anger and irritation. It is presented in the context of one story (don't worry - this story is about unexamined aggression and immature about the ways of its expression). We are with you, dear readers, we will try to understand their inner emotions and correctly (with respect to data signals) to Express them, changing their charge from negative to positive... Give the link: .

And remember, friends, everything You can feel, sense and transmit, signals You about the quality of your inner health, and ultimately on the quality of your life... It's important stuff for understanding and further improvement of the situation. This material cannot be ignored... It should explore, identifying the causes and finding ways to implement the inner query, transforming the energy of dissatisfaction into something uniquely useful...

I Sincerely wish you good luck! Your psychologist, Blishchenko Alena Viktorovna.

Blishchenko Alena
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