Psychologist for 3 months - you would be to a specialist?


In 2014, the State Duma submitted to the law "On psychological aid to the population in the Russian Federation", the law is not yet adopted, that is, counseling psychology is outside legislative control.

on the one hand, regulation is not always good and useful and in this document it is fairly a lot of controversial issues, on the other hand, it requires from psychologist the presence of higher psychological education and availability of regular supervision and personal therapy.

Now, the very real situation where people went on training sample state - and he's already a psychologist: and if you believe the advertising below, it can be done in 3 months (3 months Carl - to be a psychologist!): - you would like to work with a psychologist, knowing that his training lasted only 3 months?

Among psychologists who work with clients, many of those who received the diploma about higher education, even in a good University, such as MSU and went to work, never attending personal therapy or supervision, and it breaks nothing: he has a diploma and the right to work.

At the same time we must understand that our higher psychological education, quite a bit of time paid to it, counselling, and personal therapy and supervision are not part of it, in contrast to Western education.

That is, the client faces a choice of huge masses of psychologists, all offering their services and claiming their experiences and incomprehensible for an untrained person approaches, and he doesn't know what to choose - and goes on "intuition."

Share your experience: my really a professional psychologist, which gave me much in understanding myself, he was my psychologist 10 (the tenth!).

Perhaps it would be possible to identify the criterion for the presence of the membership and certificates of international or European associations and for advanced client this can be a choice, but in our country it is quite possible that gather 3 people and organize their "Polymodal Association" - and all 3 of the psychologist will be its certified members, and again the unprepared client has an incomprehensible dilemma: how to determine the real international Association of the domestic remake.

This problem is not only to the client of the psychologist, but also, for example, the client Shoe - but if you buy Chinese shoes instead of the Italian - just a shame you lost money, if you go to the layman - it may in a negative way on your psychological health.

I know many fine professionals that work fine, attend personal therapy, supervision, have education and experience and continue to learn - but how to stand out among the host of other specialists? It turns out - only one - on the recommendation?

But many customers are not willing to share with their friends that they go to the psychologist because they are afraid that they will think that they have something wrong.If not for confidentiality restrictions, it would be possible to provide links to their work, for example, recording successful sessions, as do the designers, for example.

But privacy requirements prohibit it. I tried to give a free session, but very often come to those who don't want anything to change - and come just "to see", that is, they are not really ready to work, so not willing to pay.

And those who are willing to pay-and work hard - do not waste your own time on what is not clear, even if it's free - they do want to see result from my work with the psychologist, so free or low cost sessions - not the criteria by which they will choose their specialist.

For myself, I found the working way - writing articles, however, he has a one... feature.

for Example, some of my articles tens of thousands of views and people, judging by the comments and watchs, they like and they are happy to share with their friends and acquaintances in social networks and blogs, but often "forget" about the one important to me, but such minor things for them - they do not indicate my authorship of the article!

And the article is distributed over the network, prepublished from blog to blog without my authorship: that is, those people who will read it and realize that I could help them with the problem stated in the article - don't know about me - and it's frustrating.

And, as happens with all popular articles - people just steal them, sometimes even pointing to his authorship;(

Apparently, the only thing that would make it harder to do this video, what do you think on this subject?How would you choose a psychologist, if you had the choice?

Author: psychologist Eugene Korchmarek

the Article on my website: About the complexity of choosing a psychologist

Eugene Korchmarek
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