Psychologist vs. Psychotherapist


to Understand this question is not difficult.

Medical (clinical) psychologist with special training in the field of psychotherapy, along with the doctor-psychotherapist, may engage in psychotherapy. Psychologist may work with psychologically and mentally healthy people, and those who are concerned about symptoms. In addition, a psychologist fluent in methods of psychological diagnostics (roughly, it's like analyzes). br>
psychotherapist, is primarily doctor with basic medical education and specialization of psychiatry and psychotherapy (without these documents, the specialist is not!). In addition to psychotherapy, may prescribe medications.

And there are "shrink" - at best it professionals with basic medical and psychological or psychotherapeutic education, but in fact as lucky! In other words this is a more narrow field of psychology, which is quite "raspiarili".

There are other areas in psychology: cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt approach existential psychology, RAPT, positive psychotherapy and many others. Now they account for over 1200. An expert psychologist or therapist who associate themselves with the specific method often calls himself so: "cognitive therapist" and "Gestalt-therapist" etc.

So if you think that psychotherapy not for you, or at the moment just does not suit you, then quickly remove the unpleasant condition will help medication. However, it is understood that, in some cases, the drugs provide only temporary relief, and some time after their withdrawal, the symptoms can come back again.

As a psychologist, and a therapist can address psychologically healthy people without any symptoms, however, experiencing psychological difficulties, which itself is difficult to handle.

of Course, if you are concerned about any symptoms (panic attacks, constant anxiety, the diagnosis of "vegetative-vascular dystonia", a sense of unreality, Intrusive thoughts, steadfastly reduced mood, pain that can not explain the somatic doctors, etc.) are those cases in which pills will give only a temporary relief, but symptoms may return again. World practice shows that such complaints helps psychotherapy.

Victoria Varfolomeeva, clinical psychologist

Victor Bazhanov, the therapist

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Victoria Varfolomeeva
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