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Beauty, as such, is a kind of niche within which, the person (notice I did not introduce gender differences) may implement, among others, an important cluster of the relationship is relevant to the world. Since, from the point of view of V. N. Myasishchev personality is a system of relations, it turns out that the relation to the world (how and through what areas it is developing) is an integral part of the personality structure. Attitude to the world (from the perspective of Positive Dynamic Psychotherapy) is implemented, including, through the domain of personality/physicality. What is this field?

we are All different from each other (at first glance) that is bodily, what our body, how we Express ourselves through it, thus, there is a kind of presentation of identity to the world. Namely, whether we how to eat (how often and how qualitatively) if we're doing sports (regularly) do we have time to sleep(if we get up in the morning rested), do we have the affection from a partner , are you satisfied of their sexual relationship with a partner. Through this service, as cosmetology is implemented important aspect of the presentation of yourself to the world. Moreover, the persistent desire of girls and women regularly (with varying frequency) to resort to cosmetic procedures is directly related to the energy deficit in other areas of life: the scope of performance , sphere of sociality, a field of spirituality.

What does that mean? The attitude develops on the basis of mental energy which in the aggregate is 100 % there is an imbalance to the expenditure of mental energy in the direction of physicality/personality. Thus, the remaining three areas (performance, sociality, spirituality) have an attention deficit personality. Than it threatens?

first, at the individual, despite all efforts to present themselves effectively through the external aspect, there is a feeling of not harmonious, the imbalance and even resentment (and we all know that resentment is repressed aggression) to the world. Irritation, anger,then the pendulum goes in a different position - I want to cry, to regret, I want to complain about the unfair world. And lo ! Is there a way to stave off the worry that something not so I do not spend attention to the trip to the beautician . Moreover, the next record will be made in advance. The result is a cycle of dependence, which is formed by vnutrishnioho conflict with the world.

second , the scope of kosmetologicheskoy industry that is developing at a rapid pace cannot be discounted. The effect of advertising of gloss and propaganda (some healers beauty) is undoubtedly high. Properly , to build the image of services, working with visual, kinesthetic channel of perception , affect women need to be at any age - attractive (sexy), fear of aging (and hence death) which of course is one of the basic existential fears). To cope with such mass manipulation is not easy. On top of that the personality from the point of view of relationships includes the area that formed and developed under the influence of significant adults. They (significant adults) "set" patterns of gender personality traits, manifested in which features of perception itself, are present in the I image of the individual. Self-image is the wholeness or the monad, which, in turn , consists of I male and I female. In the field "I" and "lies" the fear of death - that is, the person, for whatever reasons, cannot accept death, accordingly, the process of age-related changes is perceived as fatal. It is these unconscious motivations are the driving force that lead to sustainable desire to go to cosmetology salons. Thus, the person declines the rising level of anxiety associated with the manifestation of one of the 4 basic existential fears. In conclusion , we note the attention given to various aspects of life and the harmonious distribution of energy in all four spheres of relations to the world allows you to balance the personality, to distribute the energy in such a way that all aspects of interaction with the world is paid equal attention, which, of course, will have a positive impact on the quality of life of the individual. In turn, in terms of dynamics, personality is constantly evolving. Fears in I image based on the formed attitude, can be transformed and move in the conscious part of the psyche. This means that the fear of death can be transformed into a passion for performance. That is, guided by the motive of the development of personality, a force directed in the accomplishment, can be implemented in existential dreams, wisdom and worldly wisdom as the ability to accept death (in the sense that it can not be avoided all the inhabitants of the Earth). The adoption allows to get rid of a neurotic desire to avoid aging at all costs, and how much it's worth.

I should Note that the withering of the soul is much more dangerous to the individual than the withering of the flesh, for without the soul everything becomes too one-dimensional. Build relationships harmonious, conscious and selective. Paying attention to all aspects of interaction with the world and identify themselves. Be holistic and the quality of your life is sure to change in all senses!

Tavakalov Elena
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