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thinking about mental health and his colleagues has prompted thoughts of personal therapy.

When I started my career path a psychologist and the thought arose to take care of herself, it seemed that all of them can ( know everything and everyone will be able to help)) all)) all))) Naive,but true.

Now, after 10 years, I understand how important for me to be in harmony with oneself and with the world, how important it is to be sustainable in our unsustainable lives, in the race of time and current Affairs. And as my resistance my clients. And "I can't be able to" is not obliged and will not.

My article for professionals and for their clients. Why for the customers? I think every client is important "safe" psychologist, which will not solve their psychological difficulties at his expense, that is in the process of consultations, governing their point of view through the prism of his trauma or his experience (and difficulties there at all, because psychologists are people too, and "nothing human...").

Article about how we can save ourselves, to preserve and to restore, as "No one like you myself." Voi my simple secrets:

first, give yourself permission to live, not to work. Difficult? Yes. Everyone heard: "You're a psychologist." The most important thing the specialist does not forget – at first I people. It means to be a psychologist at home, with friends and family, and sometimes walking on the street is extremely not eco-friendly. And... don't "wear" clients or patients home...they have their own life, you have your own. Divide and conquer, Yes you will have happiness =)

secondly, personal's not just desirable, it's definitely... complicated feelings, "shadows of the past," trauma and human pain everyone not wear them to the customers. The unconscious part of our psyche too big, not always we can realize and even more control. Psychologists are not gods, in fact. And himself a psychologist, excuse me, what is his own proctologist "painful, uncomfortable and consequences".

third, create your space, it your (healthy ego), "separate" from life, especially from work. Fill it with simple pleasures, a positive potepleniya: recreation, socializing, music, dancing, crafts, favorite books, cakes and muffins, anything, but in a rush. Emotional space, where there is only you in which to restore your emotions, your health, your soul.

the Psychologist works as a soul. Love it.

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