Should all people be able to use the services of a psychologist/therapist?If it is emergency psychological assistance (or the assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population) – of course Yes.

In other cases, psychological services for those who is willing and able to pay for it.

I am far from a utopian position: "to Each according to psychologist and everyone will be happy!" The fact that konsultyrovanyya does not apply to the vital (life) needs. This service is aimed at improving the quality of life. And for higher quality you have to pay.

As sad as it may sound, but some poor people will remain with their problems only because they did not have money for a psychologist psychotherapist. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons for low psychological culture in Russia – the low-income population.

From more experienced colleagues I have heard that poor people psychotherapy generally does not work well. Sometimes you have to redirect it more accessible to colleagues and clients, who literally "scrape" the money for the consultation.

But the good news is that this need to pay (to give something of value in return) is very good for motivation. Observations show that free therapy is worse and slower than paid.

in addition, "fee" is not always money. Young psychologists to experience consult free of charge or for a nominal fee. In this case the customer pays their time, an increased risk of failure of therapy, a resolution to grant your case for supervision.

Well, the interesting thing: psychologists are not monopolists in the sphere of psychological assistance. If you have caring parents and children, attentive and responsive partner, sympathetic and understanding friends, this will greatly facilitate the solution of life problems.

Functional family is itself a powerful therapeutic factor.

Well, if, and to pay for psychological services, how much? But this is a very interesting question where there are a few non-obvious for the customer of the things about which I will write in the next article.

what is the average price for counseling will be comfortable for you

for me Personally, now it is the figure of 2 - 2.5 thousand rubles.

Timofeev Alexander
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