Psychologists fraudsters or as beautiful to hang noodles.


Psychologists fraudsters or as beautiful to hang noodles.

I Look around and was horrified to see a picture - the Internet and media is flooded dozens of pseudopsychological, promising the marvels sauce of his own genius and superprofessionals.

Owing to ethical reasons, I will not list here the names. But I really want to access potential customers eyes to reality.

Our infantile society has always been a haven for scammers in all fields. Enough promise miracles and our people are ready to pay any money. And many do not even try to include sanity.

In Russia, a thriving training a La "How to marry an oligarch (earn a million, become a star, etc.)", books from the category of 100 secrets or tips are bought in huge numbers. Our people crave and miracle tales. And stubbornly continue to believe it, despite all the warnings. All crave SALVATION, and neizbejno it ever will. I want to ask - do not you tired?

On the basis of the popularization of psychology, a large number of psychologists-therapists-coaches, which are essentially nothing more than a business project. Tell you a secret: we have a ready team and business model that for the amount of 100-150 thousand dollars for a couple of years will make you a psychologist-the star. With this you can be a complete ignoramus, it doesn't matter. Diplomas will make, lyrics to write, articles pay, on the TV show and all 33 pleasures you will get for your money. You can then pull money with a shovel, because enough fools.

now let's look at the reality. And that should alert you. These are signs of a psychologist as someone else's business.

1. a Huge number of videos or articles online that lay out every day or even every other day. Working specialist simply have no time to scribble articles, and to write video on a daily basis. Especially about basic things, such as "whether to allow children to register in social networks". Means these articles are written by other people, and the specialist has a lot of free time for video recording. Either these videos were recorded in batches for a long time, and now laid out gradually. This article should give birth to, to bear, it must be something important for you. And every day is to do the impossible.

2. Clearly expressed, so-called, legend of the specialist. there may be very little truth. But should be nice. Successful living often abroad. We will notify you of the number of children, marital status, elements of biography, and so on. It is written everywhere. Examples of the different - Bali, Emirates, Switzerland and so on. And almost all in the list of Forbes should be. However, for some reason they are not there... the Attractiveness of a specialist is based on quite different things and it is not necessary to turn inside out your beautiful biography.

3. a Ton of diplomas and educational institutions. This specialist served as able to all who undertake any requests that work in all existing approaches without restriction. Thus it is surely a PhD or something like that. I'll tell you honestly - no, never! Training in at least one therapeutic approach takes 4 to 7 years. Therefore, to be both gestaltists, psychoanalyst, Kishnica and nlpers might - need to learn before retirement. Often such super specialists don't exist in any professional societies and copies of their diplomas nowhere posted.

4. Working only on Skype. This is of course logically fits into the legend, because the artist lives abroad. However, in fact you may find that if you say that you will be in this country and ask for a visit - you will most likely fail. Under various pretexts. Because in fact, no foreign countries.

5. a Huge number of publications in media (magazines type Cosmo) and active participation in all sorts of television shows. Here all is very simple, gentlemen. For this we need only money and nothing else. I have personally received such offers. You pay the PR team of 70-100 thousand per month and receive a guaranteed participation in the filming. And the magazines cost money too. And the prices are no secret. The question is, why the class expert on it to organize? He will speak at conferences, to publish in scientific journals, to ride professional events. By the way, there pseudopsychology you will never see it. It is not PR itself among colleagues, for the farce will be revealed very quickly.

6. Guarantee and fast results. Yes, the scammer always promised you a miracle. Immediately and quickly. And guaranteed. And it's always a lie. Impossible for any person to cure the phobia in 3 sessions or to teach to earn money for 10 sessions. All people are different. And no guarantee you no one professional can never give. Also should alert offer to pay in advance for the course and nothing else. Even full-time, real encounters. This is valid when learning, but totally unacceptable in therapy. Especially remote - then you will not find all ever.

7. Price. All pseudopsychology usually cost a lot of money and openly declare about it, often remind. However, you should understand that price is due to only one - pay back as quickly as possible a PR company. A psychologist can't be more than 7-8 thousand rubles per hour, and to grow to such a price tag it is possible to fifty years. Remember, this is the MAXIMUM.

8. pay attention to the difference in articles and videos. If a beautiful article written in professional language, and in the video you hear a very different - so obviously that the article says someone else. Also should alert the half-empty room in the records, an empty table with a laptop and all. This is clearly not the place to work, and rented the place for filming. Adequate experts write video in the workplace, language in the video and in the articles they coincide.

9. a Large number of laudatory reviews all over the Internet. Explain - go to the website of any professional associations, look up the President of that community or members of trade-Union Committee. And look for reviews about them online. If you have them and you will find, with great difficulty. Psychological assistance - a thing intimate. Not people running after a visit to a psychologist to napisyvat everywhere reviews. But these scams are a million reviews everywhere, on all forums, Facebook, and all of them are written in the order, which is also a misrepresentation. There is a simple diagram of social networks - when one account is requested to "advise of the psychologist" supposedly from one person, and then answer from another account should our con man with accolades.

10. Most importantly - getting acquainted with just such a specialist, listen to yourself. If you have the impression that you are served is a beautiful refined to the extent that you could hardly fit better, trust your gut. And remember the text. Click on all counts. And check everything a hundred times. If you find that at least 1-2 paragraph are the same - better not to take chances.

Hope this will help you to avoid many disappointments.

Covaliov (Havryliak) Tatyana
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