Psychologists give advice and that's Okay!


Just giving advice refers to the second stage of development of the psychologist. There are five of them:

1. Lifeguard. br>
He hasn't reached the level of giving advice. He still feels only one desire - to go and save you from all the ills of life through his own flesh and blood. He'll stand for you before the face of death, as well as your mom, dad, grandparents, children, boss, and then will return you back all the money for their work, because this money is not taken. After a couple of months he will "burn out" and go into another profession. However, had time to visit clients will remain a pleasant memory, although in General life and will not change. But as there may be other memories such a wonderful person? br>
2. Counselor. br>
To this level was reached only by one who in time realized that he wanted to stay to remain in the profession, and healthy. Is the one who started to think about such issues as "borders" and "responsibility". This is a more advanced character. He doesn't run to save anyone, but because I want to help and the money paid, but now he sits and gives advice. By the way, very surprised why the client does not implement in practice! On the first level so well all together it turned out! Over time, our professional asks a legitimate question, like, why is it great advice for all not work? People nod, agree, write, remember and...nothing changes. Although some customers, especially hard-working and resource, very use the tips and be a psychologist it helps. That is, the result is there, but I said that my work was effective for more people! And then he goes to the third stage.

3. A fortune-teller. br>
the Psychologist, third level is beginning to realize that to him there are different types of personality organization and, perhaps, they need a special approach to his advice worked. And starts our Pro to ask the question of establishing a therapeutic Alliance, that is a nice deep contact between ourselves and the client. Specialist begins not just to give advice, and to choose the right moment and the right words, but this time, there occurs a very long time. In General, this level suits him, but still there is some vague sense that something is wrong...and then the shock! He understands that not all people come for advice! This place happens to be teleportation to the fourth level.

4. Scientist. br>
It is a new world. If not advice, then what? And here starts all this fuss with the true client's request: questions, experiments, attempt to share their feelings, to hear him, to pull over some of the published experiments, the analysis of psychological defenses. In short, it turns out in the end that half of the customers do not need the advice, and just be with someone in a warm contact and feel alive, the advice they listen to frequently just to ensure that the psychologist was nice. As it turns out many other different needs that people come really. Solid professional crisis. But we must pay tribute to the quality of work goes up again and the clients are more satisfied, and even if they are mad at him and he said nothing from his Arsenal of tips, still happy. Some miracles. And soon our specialist will have the next level of development.

5. I just. br>
Final level of coolness. It is felt by the customer so I visited a good man and is suddenly gone with a different picture of the world, and kind of relieved. That is, he seemingly did not do anything, just talked. Then the customer decides to return one more time to see how it happened? Came, communicated, understood something. Then a week passed and realized that there are still some questions, well, why not go to talk? Well okay. And then as-that so left that behind five years of experience in personal therapy, three year, group, and children asking for a new iPhone "I-messages".

Boris Nikiforov
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