Psychologists so old-fashioned.....


Prepare for the move. Was cleaning out my accumulated "knowledge":😉 professional literature, manuals, guides, stimulus material, etc. From stacks of printouts fell out a set of cards, such cards to be used to carry out pathopsychological research. Here are some of them (images are taken from public sources).

All the things you've learned?😊 When I came to young people aged 18 to 25 years, it was necessary first to explain the purpose of 1/3 of the images, and then explain the steps to perform the methods "Exception of fourth superfluous."

Twenty-first century in the yard, and psychologists are still using the methods of the last century, not changing it.

And making it quite unconsciously.

I Recently discovered that for a hypnotic script I use an old and familiar metaphor.

for Example, many people know the exercise is successfully used to work with phobias. This is when the client is invited to imagine themselves in the cinema and watch a film about his phobia, change the movie speed, scroll forward or backward, stop, change the action. This metaphor is about the same age as the methodology, about which I spoke earlier.

We watch movies on TV, monitor screens, tablets and smartphones, as the client planting in an old cinema with a film projector whirring.

let me Remind you again about the stairs, escalators and elevators. Our life is so rapid, and high-speed elevators that provide, as the client slowly coming, slowly coming down the stairs now I difficult.

gardens, parks or mountains where we guide the client? For many this is a significant event, not all every day walking in the alle, as did Z.Freud every day after lunch and before the evening reception of patients.
Walk for the modern man is not an ordinary event, and we take client to go to an imaginary trip to somehow believe that he will relax.

Well, the classic ideas about hypnotic trance is a watch on a chain! They slowly swaying before the eyes of the client.

When was the last time you saw such a watch peeking from his pocket satin vests?

Now even the younger students are on hand clock one well-known company..well, you understand😉.

Colleagues, let us not only live in the 21st century, but also to use its technology, concepts and culture in our work!

Lydia Shumyna
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