My short article-post will be about why I think these concepts are inextricably linked. And why man is not without forgiveness.I invite to discussion on this topic if interested.Subject is not easy! I'd like to hear from colleagues their views, may be someone closely connects these two concepts. If you have specific tips, advice from experience, please share!

once in every person's life there are such events which leave their imprint on his consciousness,the subconscious, life, soul, body...

we All know and there is nobody not a secret that thoughts are material. "In the beginning was the word and the word was..."(the Holy Scriptures). For any person very important moments of warmth, love, understanding, respect in the family, at work, in the team, but where he was not.A state of mind, inner harmony, peace of mind depends on our thoughts. Those who work on the basis of cognitive-behavioral for those a very important to understand "where did ...thought..." what the mind was the primary that she called why people took it so, and not otherwise.

the Thought process in a healthy person ( in all senses, to the exclusion of pathologies) works adequately, consistently. But if a little is a failure, say, a quarrel with the child due to the fact that he doesn't want to get up early, and mom's late. What causes this? My mom starts struggling to berate the child to push , maybe even sometimes slap... And that child..? of course, the mother he can't spank her to yell, he just or crying or all that resentment accumulates. And so continues and is repeated all my life, starting from an early age. And with the other the same story.

But if the child is able a child does not accumulate, and immediately to forgive my mother( father, grandmother, friend..)!?

Our (Christian) Church teaches, encourages to start with forgiveness! Why?

All the accumulated resentment, anger, anger,sadness, hatred, someone else's success-envy, and other emotions are sins later develop into psychosomatic disease. This "classic 7" (8) is known to many psychologists, doctors. But I don't know mom, dad, kids... Our offensive, angry , evil thoughts then "accumulate" in the bodies.

the Anger in the liver and gall bladder.

Resentment in the heart,

Tears and unspoken emotions in the throat, in the nose.... Lack of joy in life, lack of love causes diabetes.

here and more importantly FORGIVENESS!!!

As a philosophical concept, as the human factor and most importantly-peace of mind and heart. But if You forgive, then it is easier for You and someone you have forgiven. Because being angry or resentful, you are sending mental program attacks and destruction on themselves or another person.

don't destroy yourself! Take care of yourself, love yourself and others, You forgive and God forgives!

And when the soul of harmony, and body good!

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