Psychology and spirituality. War and peace.


One day, from my colleagues came the question – how to deal with the desire of customers to leave in the direction of esoterics? I got to thinking on this subject and here is what came. I have nothing against meditation, Tarot, breathing, and other things. I am against the thoughtless use of these tools (which, incidentally, thousands of years were replaced by psychotherapists and, in its course, but worked). If these techniques be considered as tools, they can be very productive to use in practice, the main thing to understand what you're doing, that should eventually reach and how it affects the client. Here is a parallel. For example, what is randomly drawn Tarot card to spirituality is the connection with the higher powers and signs from above, although he somehow primarily receives signals from the client. What is the same Tarot card may be for the psychologist – a means of circumventing the protections caused by the Association of the client, his reaction, feelings, thoughts. In General, with a competent supply – a lot of information that in the first and in the second case, working for one common cause - to help the person to understand yourself and your inner peace.
So life is that I have a friend that is very close to the theme of esotericism. The more I'm in psychology, in years of dealing with her, the more she delves into it. If it was just a friend – would have long since fled as ships at sea, but there is friendship after all, just like the accounts are not written off. And in the end we had the same argument that the truth is born. One day, I'm tired to fight, but in order not to break the bonds of friendship, decided I had intelligence given in vain? I really with this topic to find a common language? So I began to look for him, began mentally to translate its esoteric in my psychological and Vice versa, and you know what I found? Yes no about this think we're talking about! All about man, all about the experiences, all the experiences of life, about understanding where and why you move. Because if so see, for example, Christianity is also a poison can become. Can be in his head (or head) to lean, mindlessly chant the prayer, forehead on the floor beat and, thus, the pain from the soul in the forehead to overtake. And you can refer to it as the experience of many generations, to the wisdom of man. In General, I declare the esoteric world and even for this case a deck of cards a buy – now suffer through them (don't forget who you are with).
Like it or not, but the esoteric, religion – it is the experience of many generations, you can't just take it from the accounts to be written off. As would certainly be nice if all become smart and intelligent and we ran better in 10 sessions, but no, the path already trodden for thousands of years, and we are his stomp and trample. So maybe somewhere to lay next to her, not across, friendship friends and experiences to share.
PS Thanks to my dear friends and colleagues for the inspiration!
(C) Anna Konovalova

Anna Konovalova
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