Psychology and the body


You are the master of yourself!

it's Nice that in the list of modern trends in the present, present physical and emotional health.

Therefore, in my psychological practice I have included the work programme is not only mental, but also with the body on the issues of harmony. Touching the business of topics: nutrition , weight, sports, I have identified common views on this subject, which we would like to share with you.

More General list, starting from what is most often face at work. The most interesting thing in the end of the text, so I recommend to read to the end:)

•Clear your concept of the word : to lose weight and go on a diet. (sounds like a curse, cause trouble and just want to have) Better: straineth and eat right.

•Belief: "to eat right is hard and boring". Why is it you? He is of no use. Actually it's not, you just have to learn to choose the correct alternatives (about which I will write later), leaving the usual food behavior. As well this is usually said by those who have not tried it, but knows in advance and will teach. (Even at night, you can eat, you just have to know that)

•Before you start something, understand that it is now! That is: what you eat, how many calories, what muscle tone and what stamina. Give an honest assessment of yourself in the present moment.

•"a body is difficult and boring". It's a bad belief! There are many enjoyable ways to do them. What sport you like it? Because really room for someone in hell, but a lot of options. To feel your body, understand how it works, need any, as it you still live. (Men love to feel that they are strong and hardy, and women that they are beautiful and sexy)

•"Oh, so many opinions and all say different," I often hear. Man rightly asks the question of who to believe. Believe me, try for yourself, we as an individual, what to expect of the Golden mean stupid, you'll find her in the process. Don't be afraid to start and throw analyze.

•"we Should always follow all rules and not to relax". You are your own boss, pick the program, if you know that you easily force yourself, force if you need to wait for inspiration to nutrition and sports, see a movie, read a book and wait when it will come:) there is only your norm! (a good psychologist or coach, will always start from your individual capabilities and abilities)

•MOST IMPORTANT: Determine what you this sport and proper nutrition. If you just tell yourself that it's necessary and it's useful, is unlikely to be the result, be more specific: can run like a deer and not get tired, sit on Everest and I will feel like a king, I'll be blissed out looking at myself in the mirror for me will be admired will be able to exhibit your beautiful pictures, will be able to wear any clothes. Admit that each of us lives the little Narcissus, who loves himself, enjoys himself and wants to be the best, beautiful, which is nice. After more specific "motivate" you start to do something (what we need), and then, when you feel the strength and health, there is a desire to be in this state always, because you will feel the taste of lightness, vigor .

Remember, the brain is lazy and he would rather convince you to ignore the new experiments on himself and will do anything to save energy. But that's the beauty of a person, we not only strive to adapt, but also to go beyond the usual(and familiar does not mean good ). Look at yourself holistically, engage their mind and body, joy and inspiration, reaching their goals. It is possible!

If you now have the same views, then let's change them together.

Sholokhov Sofia
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