Psychology is a weapon of mass destruction?

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I Recently, selecting a material for a census to their psychological page, I came across one of the articles about the trial of Pussy Riot. Just specify further the narrative does not apply to these groups, as well as the situation, the epicenter of where it is.

In the article body I, that is, rezanulo eyes evaluation of forensic scientists, but rather its wording. According to psychologists, two members of the team suffer from "mixed personality disorder". One of the girls it is expressed "in the form of an active life position, aspiration to self-realization", the other has the "inclination to opposition behavior". In addition, they are both quite stubborn and is located to the categorical expression of his opinion and sedimentation (

So, is it just bad wording or deliberate suggestion? Like, have an opinion – so insane. It has long been known and often repeated that to the Russian people the assumption of any mental disorder – is almost an insult, as well as advice to seek help from a specialist in the field of psychology. This sphere in Russia began to develop widely recently, while many European countries long and firmly "sitting" on psychological aid. There is more shameful not to have a personal psychologist almost from the cradle. Our psychology is not something that the schools, even the Universities are not all included in the mandatory curriculum; and the effectiveness of psychological approaches to the solution of problems in various spheres of human life are regularly subject to doubt in many social circles.

No, of course we all know that the science of psychology exists, it is someone's doing, she's used... In the end, many heard (read, watched) on the work of psychologists in the security services, training agents, obtaining and withholding information, rehabilitation and other, more secret projects. Political slogans and presentations, commercials – all of this also viewed psychological techniques, in particular, speech strategies NLP. But it's like somewhere far away and not applicable to each individual human unit. But in reality – nowhere near. Only where people know, never with psychology as a science, do not collide. Is that from books, but from the Internet. However, everything is not so simple: now in bookstores under "Psychology" is a very large variety of bright covers and screaming titles like "How to be happy, healthy and rich". And not always edition of these shelves really have to do with psychology as such. So to the above section, ordinary people are often skeptical, preferring, at times, and does not to look back. But almost all read Newspapers and watch TV. Or familiar with the news all in the same Internet. About getting information from the web and do say no – to isolate something useful and accurate from a variety of sources, it is quite difficult if you don't know what to look for.

Returning to the beginning of reasoning, if the second option is true, it turns out, all of the above opens up opportunities to use psychological approach in the management of people's minds practically in the open. Indeed, the cure for the poison, only the dose differentiates.

P. S. There is a third option: the staff of forensic medical examination (probably, skilled and highly educated professionals) all formulated correctly. All people should think alike. Then to defend, stubbornly and categorically, there will be nothing. It's ridiculous, isn't it?

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