“you're weird” — a man says someone from his family and adds: “go to shrink”. Under the strange thing is not always means a mental disorder, often accept the weirdness of mental health.

Mad — right? And experiencing strong sexual attraction? To want for yourself best? To put their desires on the first place, not agree down?

“Wrong”, “immoral”, “selfish”, “unhealthy”, “unnatural” … in overall, the labels do not to person, if he is not corresponds to the moral norm and too stand out from others.

Psychology and moral — one too. Moreover, often the psychology of immoral.

Morality — it's fashion

Morality is changeable as fashion: yesterday was a moral one, but today — more. What was moral yesterday, today — it is immoral, and Vice versa. Two hundred years ago, the woman who initiated divorce proceedings, was considered immoral and was censured. Today we believe that to condemn a woman for the desire to divorce &savagery. Atheism, homosexuality, mental development (and more) when it was not consistent with moral norms. Today we see how the public and religious organizations changing morality, adapts it under the conditions of time.

the Moral is adjusted and under the needs of communities. What is moral in one country is immoral and reprehensible in another. Have Europeans, cannibalism is immoral and taboo, but have some of the indigenous inhabitants of Polynesia to still considered a highly moral act to eat the brain of his father. If the son is not will split his father's skull and not eat his father's brain, he will be recognized as immoral, condemned and rejected.

What is the moral?

Morality is based on the belief in good and evil. Welcome to a representation of morals — it is a key value, both personal and public. All that is not corresponds to what is considered good is declared evil and condemned. The purpose of morality — the achievement of moral perfection that all had “as it should be”.

Morality is not possible without debt obligations to society. In religious view man is born a sinner, moral — properly. The duty is controlled externally — of public opinion, and internal — conscience. If the person is not correspond to moral ideals, that receives disapproval from society (from the outside) and suffering from remorse (from the inside).

Morality — a tool of manipulation

look at example. If people believe in something to be proud of themselves bad, it will become manageable. Pride — is a natural human feeling, it is not disappear remain in mind, do not matter installation outside. However, it will be perceived as a “dark” side of the personality. People will be ashamed and blame themselves for her. He will fight with pride, trying to rid her of the yourself. Pride will be a sore point, the Achilles heel, at which can be pressure when a person will need to manipulate.

Moral standards often do not comply with the law and more often do not correspond to psychological notions of the person. In contrast moral, psychological knowledge is based on the study of the instincts, the nature of the psyche and ways of its adaptation to clinical data anthropology.

I do not claim that social arrangements — it's evil. However, morality is not is congenital (children are born immoral), therefore, creates the head voltage and comes in conflict innate instinctual part of the psyche. The result of the interaction of these two components is the human person. To paraphrase a famous phrase, the people do not get and become. A person can be called mentally full, when in the psyche of a balance.

Why psychology — morality

In psychology contrast morals, no ideas about right and evil, nice and bad correct wrong.

Morality prescribes rules inspires a sense of duty, assesses the actions, intentions and thoughts, condemns or praises, strives to educate the ideal person. Not based on nature, on the ideals, morals distorts and perverts reality, calls black white, and white — black. Remember even would the inquisitors, who were highly moral people, and rejected human feelings.

Psychologists are not teach, not raise, from the psychologist it is impossible to estimate — not good or bad. Psychotherapy — not training and not about education. Psychotherapy — this study yourself, taking yourself in the number of its “bad" qualities. This awareness of their rights and respect themselves, its a full-fledged personality. Full, not in the moral sense — perfect, but a holistic, consisting of advantages “flaws”.

the Moral is instilled, it is artificial. Morality brings personality in the victim invented the ideals of a good society. In the moral system of values, no respect for the person; respect for the personality replaced by the imposition of respect for the idea.

Psychology also calls for the adoption and live your feelings as they are not divided into good and bad. Psychotherapy legalize something that morality condemns: people tend to and to be angry, to demand, to say “no”, wanting fun, sex, money, fear, be cowardly and not to ask permission to their lives. The implementation of moral rules and regulations not lead to life and success not make people happy. The liberation of the psyche from externally imposed ideas about yourself helps us to better know ourselves. A free man, not burdened with guilt, living his life, works, and enjoy.

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