Psychology of drug addiction

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If we look at the past, not so distant in years the eighties, we easily find that the phenomenon of addiction was present, but the scale of its intensity was relatively low.

of Course, you need to make some allowances for the fact that the facts of the use of drugs are carefully concealed and not reported in the press. To some extent this was dictated by the General policy, something that the Soviet Union no drugs, and all this is only in the decaying capitalism. However, the fact remains that addiction is mainly present in criminal environment and was limited to a small range.

it is Important to see the historical moment when the addiction of the adult part of the population with criminal records has moved to a younger part, unchecked criminality. The main transition occurs at the end of the 80-ies and early 90-ies and is associated mainly with the fall of the so-called "iron curtain", with slogans of glasnost and perestroika. Let's leave the politics to the politicians and pay attention to psychological causes because of which the youth has expressed interest in the use of drugs.

it is Obvious that in the transitional period formed quite a large part of the population with a marginal Outlook. The old Communist ideals were derided, and a new one was not. It is very dangerous when formed ideological vacuum and spiritual emptiness. It is well known that nature abhors a vacuum and tries to fill her in every way, the only question is... what? During this period of time, there is a major shift in the value system and the massive, almost universal fascination with the youth criminal subculture, in particular, the so-called "zonovskih" songs. And what in these songs we hear? Yes mostly low-grade parody of profound works, diluted in the same romanticism. In most of these songs told about any young addict, grieving about his share and deducing from this a certain philosophy of life.

the Danger is that these songs, these same losers exhibited by the heroes, connoisseurs of life, moral teachers. But the greatest danger is that in early adolescence, when searching himself for the meaning of life, existential quest is complicated by the common ideological mess, young people are exposed to maximize the imitation of the celebrated "heroes".

These and other factors dictated by the "drug explosion", the spread of drug culture among young people during this transitional time. Then off on the thumb, addicts began to recruit new recruits, often as sponsors, and everything in this direction.

Most of the population, fortunately, has passed from this, but it is not immune from that in any way, indirectly or directly, the problem of drug addiction does not affect it. It is important to note that there is a psychological predisposition to such behavior, something which supports a fertile ground for the development in man of a drug addict. The answer to this question gives addictology, integrated multidisciplinary science that studies the problems of the various dependencies and their fixes.

Addiction, like alcoholism, gambling, etc., falls under the category of addictive behavior, of human activity, aimed to escape from reality in a delusional world. What causes a person to seek a means of distraction from the real world? The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is real scary man, or rather, afraid of not reality itself, and man's place in this world.

If the soul of emptiness and darkness, the person becomes unbearable to live in this world, he himself becomes nasty, boring and uninteresting. But when he was under the influence of drugs into a world of illusions, where he could be anyone. In this condition there is a feeling of fullness of life, the world around takes on the desired features, and himself, the addict begins to appear important, not only in his own eyes, but in the eyes of others. Eventually there comes sobering up, and the real world is perceived as more hostile – is the vicious circle. In addition, changes and the use of drugs, with some moving to the second, from the second to the third and forth.

Thus, it appears that DRUG DEPENDENCE ITSELF DEPENDS on the EMPTINESS of the INNER WORLD, from a wrong perception of himself, from a sense of deep inner loneliness. Basically, if you can work out the addict a new way of understanding life, their place in this world, filling his life significant meaning, the need of stupefying himself will disappear as irrelevant.

Another important component of drug dependence, or rather, one of the factors of its development, is the principle of gradual, in stages of development. Modern psychology has long adopted several basic principles, in the light of which it is necessary to analyze any psychological phenomenon. In this case, we are interested in the principle of development, which States that any psychological phenomenon must be considered in the dynamics.

If we, for example, we see a person suffering from drug addiction, it should be understood that overnight he did not, what we are seeing now, is the apotheosis of the distortion in development. Often the first step to drug abuse is tobacco, passion energy drinks and then transition to marijuana use. Very dangerous the erroneous widespread belief that marijuana use does not cause any harm and does not cause dependence. Maybe physiological dependence and it does not cause, but a person becomes psychologically addicted to it, it speaks to man as a catalyst of emancipation, increased sociability and false self-confidence. But the main danger lies in the fact that it is where it all begins, this is a starting point. Occasionally someone manages to stop in time and not go downhill.

be aware that passion to drugs can occur under the influence is covered by a third party, the enemy of man, hiding behind people blindly performing his will. There is a massive promotion of drugs, the imposition of a false stereotype that drug use is fashionable, it's cool, it's modern. If you don't believe me, look, for example, the film "pulp fiction" or "Bullet" and you will see it with my own eyes. Well, there are movies with the opposite effect that you want to show the youth through educational programs.

Quite an important psychological impact factor is religion, with its powerful moral potential. It can give a person understanding of their place in the world, the meaning of life. You need to work on the root cause of the development of drug dependence, the existential vacuum that the addict is trying to fill a false illusion of happiness.

in addition many of us, unwittingly, contribute to the development of addiction. This usually happens when we don't notice the problems of our loved ones, do not pay attention to them and remote them from themselves. Often a drug addict hang labels, which contributes to its further degradation. In our power to stop it, unless, of course, to approach this issue in an organized and comprehensive manner. Talking about religion, encouraging people to do good, we can expand the consciousness of the addict, and he may want to achieve more, the desire to create

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