Psychology of love behavior


an ordinary woman looks very much like the behavior of the female egg at the moment of fertilization. It can attack even though millions of sperm, but she's missing only one (the active) and then immediately becomes inaccessible and unavailable to all others. And then all the others remain with nothing. br>
and in real life. Wanting to find a friend, a woman can communicate and evaluate dozens of men, but then still choose only one. In the moment of their choice, she voluntarily pleads "property" of the newly elected men mentally associate their future with his destiny, "assign" its just yourself and for a while cut off from all other applicants for their women's attention. br>
the Duration of the time during which a woman
is faithful man primarily depends on the behavior of the communicating with her men
Man who wants to achieve loyalty from his girlfriend, should follow the "five rules to maintain female fidelity":

Five rules to save women's loyalty
Acquainted with the girl, the man should do the next:
Rule # 1. Immediately after making successful love Dating he must moderate his love of the activity in relation to other women. the
Rule # 2. His behavior, he needs to convince his girlfriend that has serious goals and is determined to create a family with her. the
Rule # 3. Be given to their relationship (especially the sexual aspects of the love of friendship) as much time to have his girlfriend do not start to think that he spends his time with someone. the
Rule # 4. In any case, not "make friends", not to turn their love relationship in the "tightened" and going nowhere... (in other words, to be friends not more than two or three years and then to start a family). the
Rule # 5. To demonstrate to his girlfriend that he is making certain efforts in order to financially provide for not only them both, but their possible children (to education, to make a career and earn money). br>
If man is to follow these simple rules, his girlfriend will be completely faithful to him, even if before meeting him, she managed to change a lot of partners or had a very "tarnished" reputation. br>
the Loyalty of a woman depends on how she binds his
future with his new friend and is directly proportional to his ability to convince her that his love has already ended...

So you can come to the following conclusion, which I conditionally call "the principle of communicating vessels love loyalty":

the Principle of "communicating vessels" love loyalty
Loyalty to women is not something permanent constant, which is more woman and less of another. The loyalty of a woman is derived from the goals, which she pursues with his acquaintance, and depends on the accuracy of this men, with which it communicates.
Look for some "very loyal" woman simply useless! Her loyalty to this man is formed in the process of beginning these relations, its degree is subject to the fluctuations that are just a reaction to the behavior of the partner. The higher his own loyalty, the higher the loyalty of his girlfriend (and Vice versa). The loyalty of men and women is in dynamic equilibrium and very similar to all known physical law of "communicating vessels": "the higher the degree of trust of the first party to the second, the lower the degree of readiness of the second party to change first." A. V. Zberovsky br>

Zberovskiy Andrew
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