Many women are interested in psychology of men separation. For most representatives of the stronger sex characteristic not to show their feelings and emotions in people. They pretend that nothing happened, that they don't care, I feel great. If a woman can't hide her state of mind, and his whole appearance shows what kind of emotions are experiencing at the moment, and it is natural, that man can make an impression of callousness and indifference.

the psychology of men at partingthe Main goal men after breaking up with a loved one – to make so that others do not notice that he's very ill, and believed that he was indifferent to the loss of his girlfriend. Very often, men after breaking up externally becoming very cheerful, active and cheerful. They are characterized by other manifestations of sadness:

  • frequent use of alcohol;
  • the desire for unrestrained merriment and rest in the noisy company;
  • the acquisition of extreme Hobbies – this can be a quick drive or purchase motorcycle;
  • the constant change of partners and search for casual relationships.

  • features of the psychology of men in a divorcePsychology men divorce is also its own characteristics. As a rule, a divorced man has a great Luggage of life experience. It is very important the role of the fact which spouse initiated divorce. Psychological characteristics of men who left the family, and the psychology of men, which threw the wife is considerably different. And the differences are fundamentally opposed. If in the first case, a man can cope with his emotions, the second most often comes the desire to take revenge on the female sex, no matter who that person is.

    Single men can experience different sensations. Some representatives of the stronger sex does not feel comfortable in the bachelor role, and as soon as possible make new relationships. Others on the contrary, very like this state of Affairs, and they are not willing to change and find a new partner in life, difficulty bonding with women. However, if the previous marriage left him a little bit of pleasant memories, the man will not hesitate, having met a worthy companion.

    Yuri bobovsky
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